Monday, January 31, 2011

Somebody Help Me!

Friends, I don’t know what is happening to me but I need help. And I need it fast.

A few weeks ago, I had to run into campus in the afternoon for a meeting with the professor I’m working for. I took the baby with me and she was a champ. She snoozed in the sling the whole time. All was well. Until I got home and while I was nursing, looked down to realize that my shirt was on inside out. Uh huh – inside out. I’m hoping that Eva in the sling was enough of a distraction to draw the attention away from the inside outness of my shirt.

Last week, Eva and I were sitting in our little corner. She was nursing and I was talking and singing to her as I always do. I looked down at my sweet babe and what did I see? A tag. Yes that’s right. A tag. You know why? Because my shirt was on backwards. At least not inside out this time, but backwards (same shirt, for the record).

Yesterday, we took a little impromptu shopping trip to the states where I picked up a new pair of yoga pants from Target. I put them on when we got home last night and just tossed them on the floor when I got my PJs on. Then this morning, since I was planning to do house cleaning, I decided I’d just put them back on and shower later in the day. And as I was vacuuming, I saw a little white thing on the bottom of my leg. It looked like a piece of paper was stuck to my leg. I reached down to pick it up and guess what? Not a piece of paper. A tag. My pants were (um, are) on inside out.

I fear that I can only play the “I’m-a-new-mom-so-I-can’t-manage-to-dress-myself-properly” card so many times. And those times are running out so very quickly.


Alex and Ashley said...

this post made me laugh.... again, you sound like me. I am currently sitting in my sweater that I wear around the house and it's inside out. It switches from 'I am a new mom' to just... 'I'm a mom!!' which is a thought I used to cringe (not the thought of being mom just the thought of certain things that come along with it) at but now love!!

abi & salvo said...

hehe Thank God I'm not the only one...seriously it happened a couple of times

Amanda said...

I don't know if this will help, but my "baby" is eight and his elder brother is nearly twelve... and I still find myself with tags in the wrong place!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, my friend, I have (more than once) taught fitness classes with my yoga pants inside out, squatting away for all the world to see with the little white crotch insert blazing!

Never fear! You're not alone!

Joel and Cindy said...

wow, you're good! :) It's a mom thing, get used to it! :)

Thought you might like my giveaway over at my blog:

Sarah said...

That is nothing. I actually walked around Target for an hour with POOP on my shirt. I had no idea Logan had leaked out of his diaper until I got home to change him.

heiligeglut said...

Pretend it's deliberate and you're making a fashion statement?

Erica said...

Haha. I don't know if there is any help for this:)

Gina said...

Last Saturday, I was in the middle of spin class and my teacher came over, giggling, and grabbed the tag of my shirt.

It was on the outside of my shirt.

Inside-out-wearer here too.

Meg said...

Once your “I’m-a-new-mom-so-I-can’t-manage-to-dress-myself-properly” card
runs out, you can start to use the "My body is distracted making liquid gold" card. Then the "My baby is up all night teething" card comes in. Then the "My child goes from normal to nutso in .5 seconds" card can be used.
Rinse. Wash. Repeat once you get knocked up again. ;)

Jess said...

I am sorry to tell you it's not a NEW mom thing. It's just a mom thing. Last year I went to Target. Got in my car, alone, and ran to the store. And when I got there, I realized that I couldn't actually go into the store because I'd forgotten to put shoes on my feet.

I walked from my front door, to my car, and drove, all without realizing I was barefoot.

Welcome to it, lady.