Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Pink Bottles

Warning: This post may contain subject matter (i.e. b00b and nipple talk) that is not appropriate for all audiences. Parental supervision is advised.

I mentioned yesterday that I spent a few days at my sister’s last week. You’ve all heard hilarious stories about her guy, Little H. In fact, you may remember this story. I draw attention to this story because knowing that he has a special interest in nipples adds a little something something to the current story.

Little H has a baby sister, Baby A, who is 6 months old. Baby A is bottlefed so Little H is accustomed to that being the way that a baby eats.

That being said, he has, at times, shown some interest in watching how “My baby Eva little cousint” gets her nutrition. A few times, he has walked over to watch me nursing her, looks a little confused, and then runs off to play. Both my sister and I have explained to him a number of times why and how Baby Eva eats the way she does.

This week, though, I think he finally got it figured out.

We were all downstairs in their playroom playing with toys and acting silly when Evalyn got hungry. I took her over to the couch and started to nurse her.

Little H quickly followed me, climbed up beside me and peered down at baby Eva and my breast.

Baby Eva has pink bottle”, he said.

I started laughing and called my sister over. I told her that he saw that Baby Eva has a pink bottle.

We both giggled and my sister then took the opportunity to provide Little H with a valuable lesson.

“No, honey, Baby Eva is not drinking from a pink bottle. Baby Eva is breastfeeding. Most Mommy’s feed their baby’s that way. But some Mommy’s, like your Mommy, can’t feed their babies that way, so they give them bottles. Baby Eva is drinking the milk that comes from Aunt LiLi’s nipples.”

I proceeded to express some milk to show him how it comes out and how Baby Eva gets her milk.


And then Little H amazed us by showing us just how well he understood what was going on.

“Oh yes, Baby Eva eating LiLi’s nipples”.

He spent the next little while telling everyone in the room that Baby Eva eats Aunt LiLi’s nipples until we finally convinced him that she was not, in fact, eating my nipples but that she was “burstfeeding”.

I tell ya, kids say the darndest things.


Carrie said...

hahaha what a guy!

Jillian said...

My nephew is three and his baby sister who is 10 months old is breast feeding! His new thing is pulling up my sister's shirt and saying, "Cayson eat now":)

Holly said...

That reminds me of something that Sarah said when she was little (2-ish). We were in my other sister Wendy's room, and she changed her shirt (not naked, just like a sweatshirt over a tank). She is rather, shall we say, buxom. Sarah said "you gotta baby?". Wendy said no. Sarah said, puzzled, "you got da bwests for da baby".

Jess said...

HAHAHA!!! That is awesome.

Karlala said...

I love this!
Might I share my nipple story??
well, ok :)
I babysat my friends 18m old boy. Who was breastfed but has since forgotten (she stopped at 8m).
As I nursed my girl he kept trying to peak over, stick his hand in or push her away. I told him it's ok, she's having milk to which he followed with,

"BLLLLaaaCK" - and flicked at his mouth like he had eaten some dirt.