Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Snowfall

Last week, Eva and I spent a few day’s at my sisters house with her, her kids and my Mom. Eva had a blast watching her bigger cousins play. She was very interested in what was going on at all times.

While we were there, they got the first big snowfall of the season. I bundled Eva up in the moby wrap and headed out to witness her experience her first snowfall. Obvi, she didn’t even notice. She just squinted her eyes in the sun and sucked on her soosie during the whole walk.

But, anyway, here we are – Mommy and Evalyn during the first snowfall.

And please, don’t be jealous … I know I’m a hot mama.

First snow 012


Kristin said...

Warm anyway :-)

Karlala said...

Plaid is so hot. You are very ambitious girl. I braved the snow yesterday and as much as I dreaded it, it wasn't so bad.

I call it a soosie too :)

SnoWhite said...

yea for snow!!

Meg said...

ah, I love it! =)

Holly said...

You look perfectly attired for the occasion!

Brooke said...

i love snow!! :) and plaid is very in right now ;)

Brittany Ann said...

Hey, whatever it takes to stay warm, do it. No apologies.