Friday, October 15, 2010

Why, Thank you, Eva

Dear Eva,

Thank you for the gift you gave me last night.

You see, you haven't been sleeping all that great lately. In the first days of your life you would give me a 3, 3.5, sometimes even 4 hour stretch of sleep at night. But lately, these stretches have been getting shorter and shorter. Sometimes as short as 1.25 hours.

As well, you have recently become a cluster feeding she devil in the evenings. From about 6-10 pm, you are generally either eating or screaming. Sometimes I feed you close to 12 times in this span of time. That takes a toll on a girl (and her girls).

Last night was no different. Around 8:30, the exhaustion was setting in so I climbed into my bed with you and decided I might as well lay there and read while I popped you on and off the b00b. Just before 9, when you finished eating, you finally seemed to be settled a bit. Daddy was about to run out for a minute and offered to take you in the car with him so I could have a bit of a break.

I told him he could go ahead and try, but I couldn't guarantee that in 5 minutes you wouldn't decide you wanted to have another snack attack. He said if that happened, he would just hurry home with you. So, I wished him luck, and off you went.

I decided to turn out the lights and get a bit of rest while you were gone, figuring within a half an hour you'd be back and begging for more.

The next thing I knew, I woke up and it was 11 pm. Daddy was in the kitchen on the phone so when he hung up and I called to him and said "What is she doing?" He told me you had fallen asleep as soon as you got in the carseat and you were still sleeping. This surprised me since you usually don't love your carseat. We figured we might as well not disturb you, since you'd probably wake up within the next 30 minutes to an hour to eat anyway. Then we would put you in your bed.

So, we both went back to bed and I was expecting a wake up call anytime.

And then I woke up and it was 2 am.

2 am? What?! I started to wonder if you were still alive but I could hear you snoring loudly (you get that from your Daddy) and I knew you were still cozy asleep.

Again, I just knew the wake up call would come any minute now so I laid awake for a few minutes waiting for you to stir.

But you didn't.

I shut my eyes again.

And then, I heard you stir.

I told you the wake up call would come soon.

I glanced at the clock.

It was .....


You had slept straight from 9 pm-3:30 am. SIX AND A HALF HOURS!! And, what's even better, is that I had slept most of that time, too.

When I got you out of your seat to feed you, change you, feed you again, change you again (why must you insist on pooping as soon as the clean dipe goes on?), and feed you again ... you were much more aware and active than you normally are at the middle of the night feeding.

Oh no.

I knew I was in for it. After giving me a glorious 6.5 hour stretch, you were going to get back at me and think it was morning and want to party.

I stayed as quiet as possible, hoping not to get you too excited, re-swaddled you, picked you up and bam ...

You were asleep on my shoulder!!


I laid you down in your bassinet at 3:50, knowing full well this wouldn't last. You'd be up again in no time at all.

And then it was 6:30 a.m.

And you woke up.

I pulled you into bed with me to feed you but you farted and fell back asleep. So I laid back down. And then it was 7:45.

And you were awake for real this time.

I have no idea what came over you last night. I have no idea if this gift was a fluke but I am thankful none the less. I actually feel somewhat like a normal person this morning.

So I will relish it.

And hope for the best tonight.

Love ya, kiddo,



Nicole said...

For some reason my babies really enjoyed sleeping in their car seats starting around 6 weeks. I actually had one of them sleep in the car seat sitting in the crib in our room for several weeks.

Nicole said...

Oh, and by the way, way to go dad for taking the baby during "fussy time" and letting mom rest! She will remember your kindness always!

This Texas Momma said...

Yay for getting some good sleep last night!

Emily said...

She woke up and farted... thats just too funny!

Glad you got some sleep.

Jackie said...

yay, Eva! glad you were both able to get some sleep last night :)

Jackie said...

Sounds like she just wore herself out! So glad you got such good nights sleep...

Brittany Ann said...

Nice work, Eva! Now keep'em coming, girly!!

Kristen @ said...

CONGRATS! Good job Eva!!

Shaina said...


Jaclyn_Rose said...

First - that is all so awesome, great hubby and great baby giving you some rest!

Second - what is it about you that makes "jackie"s like reading your blog?? There are two others commenting before me! haha

Emily said...

Those are glorious nights indeed!! And way to go Dude for taking her out for a drive so you could have a break. What a great daddy and husband you have!

I hope you had a good day feeling like a normal person. :)

Holly said...

When Sarah got married, E. was about 5 or 6 wks old, and the kids and I spent two weeks at Laurie's. E. wouldn't sleep in the pack n play, so she slept in her carseat every night. Hey, you do what works!

Abbie said...

Yeah! I hope you get more nights like that one. If the car seat works I say stick with it!
Way to go dad for stepping in and giving mommy the break.