Monday, August 23, 2010

A Thank You and Skeezix

A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway from Carey over at Adventures Of Us. How fitting that what I won was a little Monkey outfit for the Little Monkey!

I was so excited to receive the package the other day. Even though I knew what it was, it felt just like Christmas. Does anyone know what I'm saying?

I quickly tore open the envelope and was greeted by this super duper cute outfit and a sweet note from Carey.

Yeah, that's right. Mommy DOES love you.

Now, let's just hope that the Little Monkey is a boy so that he can wear the outfit. And if it's a girl, I can just put a brown or green hair bow with it. Right? RIGHT?

Thanks so much Carey!

On another note, over the past few days the Fabulous Dude has taken to calling our child Skeezix. (Apparently that's not how you spell it - he corrected me but I forget what he said the proper spelling is. I think there is a Q in there somewhere - but I just sounded it out.)

I have no idea where this came from. He claims it is a name that people in his family used to use to refer to small children?

I have never heard this from anyone else in his family.

Would any of my in-laws care to validate the Dude's statement?

In the meantime, Skeezix and I have quite a bit to do today so we're off to the races.

Happy Monday, my friends.


Jackie said...

cute! a bow or headband would definitely make the outfits girl appropriate :)

Jackie said...

A bow would totally work at making it girly. :)

Sarah said...

We had this exact outfit for Logan and it is just adorable! Even if it's a girl, she will look great!

Lucky in Love said...

Bows are the answer to everything :)

Gina said...

I swear I have heard my dad and his brothers use that name! So funny!

And yes, if it's a girl, you can absolutely get a bow (from Katie of course) and girl-i-fy that up! It's adorable!

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

I've never heard B use it. lol.

People think she's a boy if she's in yellow or green unless she has some obvious pink somewhere.

Caley said...

As an frin-law, I can confirm I have NEVER heard Skeezixq before! :) But I can't wait to meet the little one!

marcia said...

Family research has confirmed no such word has been uttered in Cramp family circles. I do not know what he is talking auntie Marcia

Aunt Shelley said...

Tim's brother Jeff used a version of this with Cassy...someone who's on Facebook could confirm this with her. Great auntie Shelley...sorry Marcia

Emily said...

Make sure the bow is BIG and then all will be good!! Cute outfits!

Carey said...

You are SOO welcome!! :) I just think it's too appropriate that we even have the SAME nursery decor! HA!

Kayla said...

You lucky duck!! I love these!! They are adorable :-)