Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Baby: Ready When You Are

Dear Baby,

We've passed the 37 week milestone! It's official - we are full-term, we've made it! As of today, we are eligible to labor at home when you decide to come (as long as you decide to come before 42 weeks - please decide to come before 42 weeks!).

I know that you will come when you are ready and well cooked but Mama and Daddy want you to know that we are ready when you are.

The clothes are ready to dress you.

The diapers and wipes are ready to clean you.

The blankets are ready to wrap you.

The bassinet is ready to hold you.

The chair is ready to rock you.

The slings are ready to wear you.

The stroller is ready to push you.

The car seat is ready to drive you.

Our family is ready to welcome you.

Our lips are ready to kiss you.

Our arms are ready to hold you.

And most importantly, our hearts are ready to love you.

Ready when you are!




Elizabeth said...

Full term!! Woohoo!!! Didn't you just get pregnant, though? Ok, it might not feel that way to you but it definitely does to me. Congrats on a big milestone!

Shaina said...

Aww. Tear. This is so sweet. I'm ready to meet Baby Cramp too!!!!!!

SnoWhite said...

yeah :) exciting, friend!

Nana said...

Nana is ready too - glad to see that the "car seat" is ready!!!!!

Kyle said...

Love it (and seeing more of your nursery). I am totally going to use your idea and put over the door hangers on the baby room door -- great idea for slings and bags!

Mrs. Potts said...

Newborn clothes are just the sweetest thing! I'm hoping for a before 42 week delivery for you!

Emily said...

That is the sweetest post. Made me a little teary eyed.

Come on little monkey... the world awaits your arrival.

Jessica said...

Not long now!

Carrie said...

Are you really ready? Because there seem to still be some items on your "Pre-Baby Nesting Projects" list...LOL

Susan said...

What a sweet post. I hope your labor goes swiftly and smoothly.

Samantha said...

Yaayayayayayayay!! Baby on the way round two!! I can't wait!

Jackie said...

Making me cry again! Please stop. :) So, so, ready to see pics of your Monkey as well.

Kayla said...

This post just made me melt!!! Adorable! :-) You and the Dude are going to be amazing parents!

Laura said...

Very cute stuff! :) I think I'll make my guess now on when the little one will be born. I'm not going to give a date yet, but I'm thinking within a few days of 39 weeks. I don't have a ton of reasons why yet...its just a hunch. Perhaps I'll change my mind in a week or so! lol.

PS - I see that people can reply to the comments I make on their posts now directly and it gets sent to my email, but how do I reply to comments that you make on my blog posts? Does that make sense? I'm still confused...haha. Sorry!! I tried clicking on your name and stuff like that, but it just takes me to your profile.

Emily said...

I love this post - so sweet! Can't wait to hear the good news that your little darlin' is here... oh did I tell you that I'm certain you are having a girl? :)

Logi said...

I am getting SO SO SO excited!

Abbie said...

Way to go full term! Good luck with the last few weeks. You definitely look ready!!

Brittany Ann said...

And, as usual, I cry.

Come on, sweet baby.

These bloggers are ready to meet you!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Congrats on becoming full term! I'm so excited to read soon your update that you've had your little sweetie. I'll be praying for you these next few weeks. It really does feel like a few months ago you announced you were expecting. Crazy to think your little one is almost here!

Question: I was wondering where you got your slings at?

d.a.r. said...

C'mooooonnnn baby!!