Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Baby at 30 Weeks

Dear Baby,

We are in the homestretch now! I can hardly believe that I will be seeing your precious face in ten weeks or so! You are so active inside my tummy right now - I can feel you jabbing me up in my ribs and punching my bladder all throughout the day. Our midwife is pretty sure that you are head down and have been for the past few weeks, so please stay that way, sweet babe!

Daddy gets to see your wiggle across my tummy quite often now. The other day, I was laying down with the phone resting on the top of my stomach and you were making it bounce around like crazy. But you are shy or stubborn - you always quiet down whenever someone other than daddy or I tries to catch a glimpse of you or feel you moving.

We have been battling some intense heat around here over the last week or so and your Mama has been having a rough time with it! I have been enjoying many cool showers, cold cloths, ice water, swims in Aunt Shelley's pool, and fans blowing on me. Thankfully, our bedroom cools down at night so I haven't been having any trouble sleeping (especially once I arrange my chariot of pillows all around my body). The heat has also been playing some whacky tricks on my hormones, I think. Your poor daddy has arrived home to a blubbering wife more than once this week. Thankfully, he is sweet and sensitive, and helps me cool down by rubbing a cold cloth on my feet and back and that always seems to help. He laughed at me the other day when he arrived home and I informed him that I had just cooked his dinner in my underwear. And no, I wasn't trying to be sexy.

It's hard to believe that you still have lots of growing to do because I wonder how it will be possible for you to find anymore room in there. You have now caused my tummy to increase 12 inches around since the time you were conceived. I have gained 23 pounds so far and, aside from the heat, my body is feeling good. I have started to notice some stretch love marks showing up on my legs and a few on my tummy. Although I wasn't pumped about them at first, I am trying to remember that they are just a part of this and that they will someday be a memento of the time you and I shared on this part of our journey together.

I am getting very excited to meet you, Baby. Daddy and I have been talking a lot about what your name will be - but we're still so undecided. Believe it or not, we just can't seem to agree! I have started clearing everything out of the spare room, so each day it becomes closer and closer to becoming your room. Soon evidence of your impending arrival will fill our home and I can't wait.

Hang tight in there Little Monkey. We'll see you soon.

I love you,



Gina said...

Awww....your husband sounds SO sweet.

Jackie said...'re making me cry. :) How fast this has flown by! I am so excited for guys and can't wait to see pictures of your little one.

Laura said...

Very sweet blog post. Your baby is very lucky to have parents like you guys. :)

I wanted to tell you also that I've been reading up on your Lucy's Kitchen blog and I made the Paula Deen Mac and Cheese last night! It was from a blog a while back, but it was very good. :) I'm using your other blog as my own personal recipe book now! I love that you post pictures in it so I can make sure I'm doing things right.

SnoWhite said...

I'm happy to hear that your room cools down at night! It's been crazy hot, and I'm thankful that you have a pool to go cool down in :)

praying for you, my friend.

Lucky in Love said...

You're having a baby :)

Holly said...

I can't imagine living without central air conditioning (yes, I'm spoiled, although your heatwave is pretty much our summer norm)! My sister is probably having a meltdown (literally!
Are you going to put the names to a blog vote?

Shaina said...

Awww. This is so sweet. Can't believe we (yes, we) only have about 10 more weeks to go!

Nicole said...

And your baby will be so glad to read, someday, about you in your pregnancy panties cooking dinner (especially if it's a boy ... but I'm still saying it's a girl!) :)

Brittany Ann said...

10 weeks left? 10 weeks? WHOA! I can't believe it either!

Tricia said...

Just the sweetest love note.

{Big hugs, girlie!}

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

So precious!

Love that you cooked dinner in your underwear! Bet your man loved that! :)