Friday, June 18, 2010

Monkeyin' Around

I don't think I have yet shared on my blog what our plans are for decorating baby's nursery. Since we don't know what we're having, we stuck with a gender netural-ish theme. I say "ish" because I do think it looks a little bit on the masculine side. But, I'm okay with that. Even if we know what we were having, we would have stuck with some neutral so that we can hopefully avoid replacing everything when baby #2 rolls around. If my little Monkey turns out to be a girl, we'll add some girly accents and call it a day!

Speaking of my little Monkey - that's the theme of the room!

This is our plan for the bedding.

I don't know how many of the accessory pieces I'll end up with but I do know that the lamp is sitting in the room already just waiting!

All of the furniture in the room is going to be white (no pictures just yet - the Dude has the furniture built/transformed but it's not painted yet), with the exception of the black leather chair that is already in the room and will be staying there. Since it's not a rocking chair or recliner, I'm hoping to get something like this to go along with it.

I figure if I use the chair to feed a lot, I might like having somewhere to prop my feet. Also, I love how the top can flip over to become a tray so I can have a place to keep a drink, the phone, a book or whatever. And of course, extra (hidden) storage space is always a bonus when you're working with a small space.

We aren't planning on painting the walls because they are in pretty good shape and we realized that they match almost exactly with the darker beige in the bedding set. We are planning on replacing the carpet though.

Of course, I've been scouring Etsy and other online sites and have found a few other things I have my eyes on. I'm loving these wall decals! Especially the first one. I don't know if we'll live here long enough to bother with the growth chart, but it's cute nonetheless.



I'm not sure if I am 100% in love with these wall prints - but I would definitely like to get something like this to liven up the walls. If only I were artistic and could paint them myself!

I love this little toy!

And of course, you know I will have baskets of all shapes and sizes in the room to store things. These little monkey ones are too cute for words. (source)

There are some other ideas that I have and that people have given me for the room that I am thinking of incorporating but I don't want to give everything away. Because trust me, I will be bombarding you with pictures and posts about the nursery as I actually start to do something about it.

I really want to put some personal touches on it and would love to do some DIY projects for the room but I am just so not crafty sometimes. Anyone have any ideas? I would love your suggestions for ideas of other things that I could incorporate into the room.


...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

That is an adorable theme! My cousin went with a monkey theme for her little girl, and it's so fun. :) I love that lamp!

Shaina said...

Aw yayyyy monkeys! So cute!!!

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

what a cute room!!

One of my friends recently did her own easy wall hangings in her son's room --

She took fun scrapbook paper, cut them out, framed them and hung them together. Maybe that will help you out with your personal touch without having to paint a picture :)

Lucky in Love said...

Those decals are simply the cutest!!!

Vee said...

Love love LOVE it! Those Monkeys are TOO cute!

As I'm sure you know, my sister-in-law Melanie will be crazy about it too! =]

Gina said...

I DO love those wall prints!! Monkeys are so fun.

Jessica said...

I love the monkey theme!! My brother did a winnie the pooh theme for his baby but they found some adorable "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" monkeys that they have on a shelf.

LOVE the wall art! My husbands family had a portable growth chart they made out of wood so that they could take it with them when they moved. You could still do something like that with the monkeys!

Can't wait to see pictures!

d.a.r. said...

I can't show this to Z or he will flip out. He is dying for a Monkey themed nursery (um, hello dear, then can we please get pregnant already mr. dragging-my-feet???). This is sooo cute and I love the first wall decal!

Risley said...

super cute!!

Brooke said...

i LOVE the decore!! :)

and i really think going neutral is a great idea. its been so helpful to my sister (she didn't find out with either and ended up with a boy and a girl)

Sara said...

Love the monkeys.

Brittany Ann said...

Great theme! I'll keep my eyes peeled for monkey paraphenalia and holler if I see something to die for!

Annie said...

AW!!! i love the theme!!
i love the "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" wall decal!! too cute!!!
the room is going to be adorable!! :)

Auntie Linda said...

HOw about Monkey Bars!!!!

Carey and Jon said...

Oh my goodness! That is the bedding we have for Caleb! :) And we have that light too!

I love monkeys (we call Caleb our little monkey, teehee) and it worked too perfectly for his nursery. Just be prepared to get lots of monkey-themed clothing!

I hope we didn't scar him for life!

YAY! Good luck!!

This Texas Momma said...

The monkeys are super cute! And I love that green color. So soothing. Too bad about the growth chart....maybe get it and apply it to a piece of painted wood so that it could move with you?

Emily said...

I love lamp! :)

The monkey theme is adorable - I really love it. Boy or girl, it'll work just fine. (Gave me some good ideas for the shower :))