Thursday, June 10, 2010

26 Weeks!

How far along? 26 weeks - still in month six chilling with my eggplant. The little Monkey's sense of hearing is getting better and better and it's quite possible that he can now hear both hubby and myself when we chat. I think it's so neat to know that when the baby is born he/she will recognize our voices!

Total inches gained: 11.5 all around which is an inch increase from last week. It makes sense because I had a few weeks with no growth but I kind of feel like I've popped again. A few people have told me I seem more pregnant this week than I was last week. Trust me, I feel this way, too.

Maternity clothes? All the time. Except, believe it or not, my bridesmaid's dress was NOT maternity. I was so happy with the way it fit me. I was quite concerned since I was only 9 weeks pregnant when I ordered it and I had to guess which size to get.

Sleep: Pretty good. I have been getting leg cramps every few nights still but have been trying to stretch my legs really well before bed to avoid them. I've also been getting up to pee quite frequently, but not all the time.

Cravings: None.

Aversions: None.

Best moment this week: On Sunday when I went to visit my sister and her family, I was holding baby A across my body while she was sleeping. My baby started kicking like crazy in there and I thought it was so sweet to know that A was so close to her cousin without even knowing it.

Movement: See above. Also, the other day while I was sitting in bible class the baby was moving a lot and I looked down and I could see the movements even though my belly was covered with my shirt. So cool. I'm starting to think my baby isn't overly active though because I hear a lot of people say that between 25-28 weeks they feel almost constant movement and I am still only feeling it for a few minutes at a time a few times a day. Should I be worried?

Gender: Who knows?

Labor Signs: None.

Belly Button in or out?
I think we all know the answer to this one by now.

What I miss: I have to admit, I did miss sipping on red wine all through the night at the wedding on the weekend.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Our "Babymoon" this weekend!

Weekly Wisdom: It's all about the hormones again. Between 24 weeks and this week I have been having a rough time with my emotions. I think a lot of it was clearly amplified by the pressure of my thesis defense (which is all done and over with now- whoo hoo) and by some of the other big things going on in our home right now (check back tomorrow for explanation), but my hormones have also been playing a part because I know the non-pregnant version of myself does not react the same way that the pregnant version of myself does. I mean, I'm stressy and emotional on a regular basis, so add that to being pregnant and it has just been downright messy at times. Thankfully, my Dude is fabulous and has been very very patient with me. So, I guess my wisdom is try not to let the emotions and hormones get the best of you but understand that your body is working in a different way than it ever has before.

Milestones: Today marks 6 months according to LMP. Also, we are now in the double digit countdown - 99 days until EDD!

No baby bump pictures today because the Dude's not home to take them, but you can check out yesterday's post to see the belly I was sporting at 25w3d!


Jessica said...

Sorry it's been another rough time with the hormones. I hope this week is a better week for you!

Jorden and Kristin said...

as long as your feeling movement evry day don't worry too much about it! There were some days I wouldn't feel her moving much till I went and laid down and ate or drank something cold and sweet. You are getting close and you look WONDERFUL in the bridesmaids dress!!

Brooke said...

of course you shouldn't worry. He says be anxious for NOTHING. but if it would easy your mind mention it at your next appointment.

Amy Silver said...

That is so sweet about the cousins being right next to each other! That's something to mention in his/her baby book :) I wouldn't worry at all about the movement, I've heard it's so different with every baby. Some are just more calm than others, just make sure you feel some movement every day or so.. That's so neat you can see it through your clothes now too!

Amy Silver said...
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Brittany Ann said...

Oh hun! The hormones! That's rough! Although, I understand wanting some red wine right now! With all that going on, who couldn't use it??

Carey and Jon said...

I can remember popping out in a big way around 26/27wks. I came home from work and my husband said to me "did you get bigger today?" HA! :)

It goes so fast now that you are in double digit countdown! Just wait until that last month, then it will start to drag again :P

Gina said...

I personally wouldn't worry as long as you are feeling him/her move every day. Maybe you'll have a more peaceful child. That'd be okay. Trust me. ;)

Katie said...

LOVE the updates!!! can't wait to start feeling my little one move, when did it start for you again?

also, have i TOLD you how much i love coming to your blog, not only because i love it, but because the MUSIC is incredible!!! i discovered falling slowly because of YOUR blog :)