Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me Monday - Weekend at Unky and Auntie's Edition

Not Me Monday is a blog carnival hosted by MckMama! Join in and share all of those lovely things that you did not do this past week.

This weekend the fabulous dude and I did not keep Little H so that his parents could have a weekend away together in Niagara Falls before baby #2 makes her debut.

While Little H was here, I did not let him take off without his diaper on after attempting to sit him on the potty before bedtime.

While I was not wrapping up his dirty diaper that I had not yet replaced, and he was not running around naked, I did not hear "Oh. Yucky" followed by laughter.

When I turned around I did not see my 19 month old nephew laughing at himself as he created a puddle of yellow stuff all around his feet on my dining room floor.

I did not then chase him around my apartment because he did not try to run away from me as I tried to get his PJs on.

During the first night, I did not have to turn a fan on high and blast it near my ears because I was not overly paranoid about him, which did not cause me to hear every single peep he made all night.

When I got up in the morning to go get him up, I was not a little bit disappointed and jealous that the first thing he said to me was "Puppy. Now" instead of greeting me with a smile and a kiss.

In the morning, Unky and Auntie certainly did not let him eat his breakfast while curled up under a blanket on his "chee" (chair) watching a Veggie Tales video.

I most certainly did not bring him along to the grocery store with me simply because I wanted to show off to my community how stinking cute my little nephew is.

When Nana and Papa came over to visit, Nika definitely was not so jealous that Nana was paying more attention to Little H than her that she did not try to wedge herself between them almost all day.

The second morning he was here, I did not ask the Fabulous Dude to go get up with him when he woke up at 6:15 because I did not think I deserved to sleep just a little bit longer.

Then, my heart did not melt when I got up to pee, and came back in bed to find the FD and Little H snuggled together and back to sleep in our bed. (I really wanted to get a picture of this because it was so cute but I didn't want to wake him).

I did not spend the next hour in and out of sleep because I was not overly concerned that somehow the FD would fall deep into a slumber and let Little H roll off of him and out of bed and onto the floor, causing him to break a number of bones and automatically electing us to world's worst aunt and uncle.

Over the course of the weekend, I certainly did not learn how busy and exhausting it can be to a keep a toddler entertained for two days. No way, easy stuff.


Lois Lane II said...

HAHA! I love your ending line. Fabulous.

Emily said...

How funny! Nope, sure isn't easy with a toddler who is into everything and does everything at lighting speed too.

Brooke said...

he is so stinkin cute!! no wonder you didn't want to show him off ;)

Meg said...

wow. sounds like you had an incredible boring weekend! ;)

Your nephew is so stinkin' cute!

Jenn said...

toddlers are exhausting. after 1 hour with my niece, i am ready for a nap. no idea how you did it all weekend! :)

Kristin said...

Ha! You didn't tell me about the peepee on the floor. What a monkey, he knew what he was doing too.

Jackie said...

They can be handfuls, huh? Glad you had a good time!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said... is quite the not me segment!! ;-)

Annie said...

aw! what a cute little guy!!
i'm glad you made it through the weekend, sounds like you were one busy lady and learned that you have to put a new diaper on as quick as you get the old one off ;)

Taryn said...

Aww- you are such good relatives. I totally love the dog- my parents' dog does that when my dad hugs me! ha.

Brittany Ann said...

Oh my heart melted at the part when you found them cuddled in bed! So cute!

So fun that you got to play Mommy for the weekend!

Kristen said...

aww how adorable!! Oh and I love how dogs get jealous! haha.

Lucky in Love said...

You are too sweet to keep him all weekend :) What a kind auntie you are :)

Holly said...

Funny! You're lucky it was just pee!

Ashley said...

I didn't know they were having a girl! That's so exciting!

Juliana said...

The last line was PERFECT ha ha ha!!!

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