Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I know that so many of you out there were just as excited as I was for last night's premiere of Lost Season 6. The beginning of the end! So I wanted to write a little post about some of the observations and questions I had based on last night's episode. Of course, like always, the episode left me with more questions than answers. But I guess that's why we love the show.

Stop reading right now if you didn't watch and plan to do so.
  • I guessed that the episode would start with them on the plane landing just fine in LA X. Now ... to figure out how they are in LA and also on the island still?
  • Is it just me, or do you think Jack will be the one in LA to figure out that something is askew? He seemed to think he recognized Desmond (who mysteriously disappeared from the plane), and he was confused by the wound on his neck. Will he figure something out and once again, get them all back to the island and solve all the problems?
  • Why wasn't Shannon on the plane with Boone? I saw someone tweet "that answers the Shannon question" ... but, unless I missed something, I don't know what was going on with that one.
  • Why didn't we see Michael or Walt on the flight? Maybe it's something as simple as the fact that they can't re-film Walt as a 10 year old, because he's a grown up now - but I think there must be a better reason why we didn't see them.
  • When Sayid was "dead" in the temple, Miles seemed to be confused. Was this because he couldn't hear anything from Sayid because he wasn't really dead? My friend T thinks that Sayid also told Miles "It worked" and Miles is trying to piece together in his head what that really means.
  • What significance does the Ash ring that Bram and the others at the temple placed around them have? Is this supposed to keep the Smoke Monster out? I seem to remember Bram and Ilana noticing that the ash had been disturbed when they went to see if they could find Jacob at the cabin.
  • Who else has been dipped in the water at the temple? My guesses are young Ben and Richard. If so, how come Richard doesn't age but Ben does?
  • Who is the dude at the temple that understands English but won't speak it? It seems that we keep discovering more and more 'leaders' and I can't keep track of them all.
  • Other than the flight attendant and the kids, did we recognize any of the "Others" at the temple?
  • Who/what is the Smoke Monster? And why did they have to make his face so scary at the end of the episode?
Wow ... looks like I had even more questions than I thought. Feel free to weigh in with any thoughts you have or other questions you are pondering about last night's episode ....


Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

I really should have started watching this show when it started. It sounds juicy.

Lisa said...

It's funny how we have a different take on some of the events! I hadn't even thought about some of the points you brought up.

I thought that on the new airplane/ airport scenes that they were showing us what would have happened had the plane not crashed. I just figured it was a nice way to do a "flashback/forward" without retreading what they've already covered. And as for Jack and Desmond - they actually had met before in real life, right? I vaguely recall them meeting somehow before Desmond went on his boat race...

For Shannon, I was also wondering why she was missing and then just figured the show couldn't get her to agree to return.

Here's my thought on Sayid... earlier (?) in the episode Locke told Jack that "the airline didn't lose your dad. They just lost his body," or something along those lines. My thought is that kind of how Locke's body is now inhibited by someone else, that the same is going to be true of Sayid's body. Perhaps the old Locke, or even Jacob, will now be in Sayid's body? I definitely don't think Sayid is dead - first because Miles couldn't hear him and second because they didn't play the Lost death music.

As for those people dipped in the water - so weird! Who are all of the people that don't age? Richard, Jacob, the evil guy... anyone else?

Here's my big question... What is "the word" that Juliette had to tell Sawyer? And how sad was Juliette's death? I missed her immediately, possibly because I detest Kate so much.

Lisa said...

Also, this is one of my favorite reviewers, and while I'm only 2 paragraphs in, it's already an interesting perspective!

Jessica said...

I can't wait to actually read your post but we didn't actually get to watch Lost last night so I'm saving it to read hopefully tomorrow HAHA. I LOVE Lost and I'm so sad that it's ending :(

Gwen said...

To answer Lisa's question...Jack & Desmond did meet in real life before. Jack was running the stairs at a sports stadium and Desmond called him brother. I can't remember the specifics but it happened in a Jack flashback episode.

Okay. So I might be behind here but I have a theory on Locke being the "smoke monster". Do you remember when Jack's Dad told Locke he would have to kill himself to come back? Okay...well my belief is that Jack's Dad was the smoke monster since he was dead when he got to the island and then the smoke moster assumed his form. Then he knew if he could take Locke's form Ben would freak and kill Jacob. GASP!!!

I don't think Sayid is the new "smoke moster". I think Jacob took his body and that's why he was so determined to get Hurley to take Sayid to the temple. And then the note obviously said that Jacob was killed and they needed to kill Sayid so he could take his body!!!

Shannon wasn't there because original Boone took her out of the bad relationship and was bringing her home. He said to Locke that he couldn't get her to leave the guy.

Not sure why Michael & Walt weren't on the plane but I would have to agree that it probably has something to do with him being so much older now. But then again we didn't see Claire on the plane only in the taxi so maybe they were technically still there.

I agree though. I still have lots of questions. And I wonder if Sawyer will dig Juliet's body back up and try to save her in the temple. I cried like a baby last night. So much stress too. I should have been taking shots to calm down. LOL!!

Jessica said...

After posting my comment I found this:

Thought you might like it, although I have no idea what it says LOL.

This Texas Momma said...

Oy. For those of us who don't watch, all those questions make it sound like crazy town. An island that moves through time and space? People who don't age? A smoke monster? Could have been the cheesiest show around. So glad you got mucho enjoyment out of it last night!

SnoWhite said...

Love your thoughts -- mine will be up soon.

Jackie said...

oooo i love reading everyone's theories!

ours is that the guy that was with jacob at the very beginning (the man in black) is the smoke monster and he inhabits dead people's bodies (like jack's dad and locke and that is why he as locke had ben kill jacob, because he couldnt.

Colby and Joanna said...

Oh gosh, I could go on and on with the theories. And we had some of the same questions!! I agree with Lisa that they couldn't get Shannon to return b/c Boone said that he couldn't convince his sister to leave the relationship, totally opposite of what happened, are we supposed to have forgotten? Or something else? I was also wondering about Walt and Michael, but Michael is now on the cop show, so who knows?!? The new leader guy?!? What the heck? How many do we need? The whole show has to evolve around Jacob and his arrangement of the people at the same time in the same place and using them for their purpose when he sees fit. There are SO many biblical alliterations in this show! Can't wait to see how it ends up, but I am not wanting to have to keep flipping back and forth from "crash didn't happen" to "still on the island" Pick one! Dharma taco night was fun and we loved getting back in the Lost spirit! Glad you had fun!

Jenn said...

SO many questions!

Another thing about the plane ride is that Desmond was not on the original flight either. He was on the island. Suddenly, he's on the plane, too.

I believe there are 2 realities going on right now. The 2005-ish "on island" reality, and then the 2001-ish plane reality. When Juliet said "it worked" I think that it really did. But only half way. It reset things the way they were supposed to be, but didn't remove the people from the island.

I predict some weird run in where everyone runs into themselves in the future. And I think Jack recognized Desmond because he saw him at the stadium before when they were running.

As far as Sayid - I think Jacob is inside him now. The only thing to think about is that when Bad Man in Black took over Locke's body, there were 2 of them. Dead locke corpse, and "fake locke." If Jacob is now in Sayid's body...where is the corpse? So I'm not sure that Jacob is really in Sayid. The other thing to think about is when they healed Ben when he was a lot younger, he didn't remember anything & then became an Other without question. Will this happen to Sayid? He'll forget everything that happened and become an Other?

I'm not sure about Richard, but I don't think he was dipped in the water. I believe he was a slave on the Black Rock ship that came over a long time ago - or maybe even before. Somehow he made some deal with Jacob for eternal life. I think he could even go back to the time when the full statue was standing - Egyptian times. The Illiana girl did call him "Ricardos" in one episode.

With Michael & Walt - not sure where they are. They'll be back, though.

I don't think Sayid said "It worked" when he was "dead." I think Miles just couldn't get any read on him & therefore realized that he wasn't dead. Either that, or he was hearing Jacob in Sayid's body which is also a possibility.

The ash ring protects you from Smokey. When Illiana and the hidden shadow gang saw the ash had been broken at the cabin, they knew Jacob was no longer safe from Smokey which is why they panicked and went looking for him. It appears Jacob went hiding in the statue but was found.

I'm assuming the list was a list of names of people who should be alive because he "touched" them at some point in their past. Sayid was clearly on that list & when they saw him dead - they freaked out because what Jacob says always comes true. If Sayid was dead, it would mean that Jacob no longer had power to see what was going to happen and had been killed or something like that.

Ok that's all I've got right now.

Brittany Ann said...

I know I know I know! We've been debating all this all day!

Although, the reason Jack knows Desmond is he saw him running stairs back when Desmond was training for the military. But still, Jack was wigged out about everybody. AND WHERE IS SHANNON? AND WHY IS DESMOND EVEN ON THAT PLANE?

Best line of the night - "I'm sorry you had to see me like that." - Smoky


Veronica King: aka Queen Vee said...

I have never watched LOST, but the following is quite entertaining....

P.S. I left something for you on my blog! =]

MelMel said...

I'm loving LOST....its totally gripping....

Wonder how it will all end??