Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Christmas Weekend

Well, blogger is being ridiculous and I can't seem to get my post with photos to work. I've got all the photos into the post, but I cannot copy/paste any of them to change the order. So I guess I will just tell you about our weekend a bit without photos. And then after the holidays, I might try to do a giant recap post with some pics.

On Friday, E stayed home sick because he has been battling a bit of a sinus infection. He slept until almost noon so I was able to get work done but then he got up and we watched movies in the afternoon. Although I wasn't happy that he was sick, it was kind of nice having him home .. it really made it feel like Christmas eve.

That evening, I set the table all fancy like and we enjoyed our Christmas dinner. We had roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, wild rice stuffing (which is tres yum), peas, squash, pickled beets, and buttery rolls.

After dinner, we started a new tradition of reading the account of Jesus birth from the book of Luke. Definitely something we'll try to do each year!

Later that night, we opened the Christmas Eve gifts from E's mom. PJs and a book!

On Saturday morning we indulged in cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting and opened the stockings we filled for each other as well as the stockings his mom left for us. Seriously, ladies, the fabulous dude rocked my world! He put so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts in there for me. I got some new fuzzy slippers, a lot of kitcheny things, a DVD, and some other great treats!

We took it easy for the afternoon and then headed to the falls for dinner. Our dinner experience wasn't the greatest - the food was awesome but the restaurant was freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold. I'm talking - wear my coat and scarf and his coat over my legs during the entire meal kind of cold. The experience we had at this restaurant may possibly be worthy of it's very own post, so if I get some time, I might write something about it tomorrow. We had intended to walk down by the falls to see the lights after dinner but since I was shivering in the restaurant, we opted to drive past the lights instead.

On Sunday we went to church and then headed into town to watch the Olympic torch relay go through our town with our church family. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a delicious lunch of chili and grilled cheese sandwiches that was graciously provided to us by some members of our church.

When we got home, I did the last few things that needed to get done and then we packed up and headed to my brother's, where we met my family for dinner. Then I went and picked up Katie and brought her back to their place where we exchanged our gifts with each other. She got me some super cute PJs, a top and a nighty!! Love that chicka! We all went together to the Christmas program at my brother's church and then I headed home with my parents and the FD went home. He'll be joining me here later in the week.

I spent today with my Mom, sister and nephew. We've been getting some of the food ready for the holidays and enjoying the time together.

I realize this post would be significantly less boring if the pictures had worked but alas, such is life! I hope the rest of you had a wonderful weekend and that your Christmas week is off to a great start.

P.S. Today is also my Dad's 50th birthday - so a big, huge, giant shoutout to my old man!


SnoWhite said...

bummer about the photos... but it still sounds like a wonderful time!

Brittany Ann said...

I have a similar issue with blogger and photos!

But Happy Birthday to your daddy, still!

Lindsey Carver said...

You sound busy girl! I'm glad that FDE stepped it up and got you some great gifts. The fact that they were thoughtful makes it all the better!

And happy birthday L's Daddy!

Tricia said...

Hey you! Only 3 more days. ;)
I'm glad that you guys had a great weekend (minus the freezing of course).
Happy Birthday to your dad. I hope that you all enjoy your time together.

Merry Christmas to the K-C family.


Lucky in Love said...

Sorry your pics didn't work little lady. I'm sure that was frustrating :)

But I'm so glad that you had a lovely Christmas with your hubby! And happy b-day to your big papa :)

Llama said...

Sounds like you are ready for the holidays! Everything sound perfect annnd delicious!
Happy 50th to your daddy!

Emily said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I can't wait to see pictures :)

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas week too, and happy birthday to your Dad!

Brooke said...

maybe a good swift kick would help blogger out. i'd love to see the torch relay photos!

Shaina said...

Happy belated to your dad! I hope he had a great birthday. Some time we'll have to see photos of your Christmas festivities! xxoo