Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Christmas Countdown

I loveeeeeeeee counting down to Christmas. We actually have two "countdown" decorations here in our house. The first one is one that we got that day in the village and the other one I got for Christmas last year.

When we decorated this year, the dude tried to tell me that I had to get rid of my old one, because it was silly to have two countdowns in the same wee apartment. Ha! What does he know? We are having two Christmases, so why wouldn't we have two countdowns?

Here is a shot of my Christmas countdowns today (Note: I countdown in terms of how many sleeps until Christmas):

Yes, that's right. One of those countdowns says TWO days until Christmas. We are busy getting ready to have Evan's family here for the weekend to celebrate Christmas!

During the day, while he's working, I've been busy grading, transcribing and wrapping up my work for the term and in the evenings we've been bustling around making lists (well I have been anyway), finishing the shopping, wrapping gifts, getting the house ready, preparing food and trying to keep our sanity!

We have a full weekend of festivities planned. From Friday night appetizers and games at Caley's, to brunch and gifts here on Saturday morning, to a gift exchange and dinner with the extended family on Saturday night, to church and leftover lunch on Sunday! Also, I am totally pumped to finally get to meet and hold my baby nephew!

I will take lots of pictures and be sure to fill you in on all the details on Monday. Because, well, clearly your lives revolve around our family Christmas.

Wowza! It's going to be a good one. I can't believe there are only two sleeps until Christmas!


Emily said...

I love those countdowns. So cute!

Can't believe 15 days til Christmas!

Lucky in Love said...

We have two countdowns too :) Ha!

I hope your weekend is super fabulous and you have a wonderful time with your family :) Love you!

Tricia said...

I'm thinking of ya', girlie. The clock is ticking. That should make me really nervous with all of my lack of preparation, shouldn't it?! Hhmmmm....... ;)

Happy early Christmas weekend. Enjoy the family. Enjoy the PR. I won't tell Jason. He'd be all jealous. lol.


SnoWhite said...


We had a countdown with my mom's homemade caramels... talk about adding extra excitement, by getting to unwrap and enjoy one of those morsels each day before Christmas.

Jenn said...

lucky duck - have FUN!!

i also think it's so funny that you say "sleeps" instead of nights! :)

Annie said...

very cute!
i really need to get a christmas countdown!! i will have to look after the holidays so i can get one on sale ;)

i hope you are having a great week sweet girl!!

Melissa said...

I love the countdowns, happy holidays!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

your countdowns are so cute! I hope you have a great weekend with your family! It sounds like it's going to be so much fun=)!

Shaina said...

You are SO cute. I can't stand it.