Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

The past week we had my sister and nephew visiting. Then, on the weekend, we did a lot of canning. Here's what our kitchen looked like:

This week is my last week of summer before I "officially" return to school (although technically I have been in school all summer). I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest by doing lot more canning with my mom and then spending a few days at the boat with my mom. We will be joined by the rest of my family on the weekend and will celebrate mine and my BIL's birthdays. It's kind of fun having a birthday that always fall around labour day weekend. It makes for a great end to the summer!

Lunch: Split Pea Soup** (Soups On - #1)
Dinner: Ground beef curry**
Spicy swiss chard** (Week #1 of I Blame My Mother's The Food Network Chefs Cooking Challenge)

At M&Ls

Honey Pecan Chicken with Spinach Salad** (didn't get to it last week)

Grilled Shrimp with Garlic and Lemon (Thanks Taryn)
Herbed butter sauce and veggie pasta (Thanks SnoWhite)

At the lake

Friday - Happy Birthday to ME!!
At the lake

At the lake

Toast with zucchini marmalade and peach plum marmalade

Toasted tomato sandwiches

**As always, recipes will come on Lucy's Kitchen

Head over here for more menu planning ideas.


SnoWhite said...

yeah for soup!

I picked a side dish too for the challenge -- can't wait to read your review.

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

MM...I haven't had fried okra in a while. Sounds good right about now! :)

Lyr said...

Wow... this is great. I'm am booking marking this!!

Brooke said...

i got my first okra (pronounced "okry) frying lesson yesterday. its so yum, i would have thought it would be harder to fix than that!

New England Girl said...

If I beg long enough, will you invite me over for some of those homemade raviolis? They look AMAZING! :)

Brittany Ann said...

I'm find of jealous of those raviolis!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Week! I am majorly impressed with all of your canning! And really jealous of your okra - I have been to SO many stores and produce places looking for it. I guess no one has it here in my little area... sad.