Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Truth About Lucy

Yesterday, the ever lovely S from a.little.bit.delirious played this fun little game and I decided to join in.

Here is how the game works: I will list several statements, some are truths, others are lies. You decide in the comments which is a truth and which is a lie. Sorry there are no prizes. I considered giving away something if anyone got all 10 statements correct but I don't really have anything to give away. So, you will win pride if you get all the statements correct.

Also, if you are my brother, BFF, cousin, sister, mom, aunt or anyone else who knows me in real life you will probably know the answers right away so please refrain from commenting and let my other blog friends have a chance. If you know me in real life and you aren't confident you know all the right answers, then feel free to guess away!

Here we go...

1. When in kindergarten, I ran the bases backwards in t-ball (i.e. from home -> third -> second -> first -> home). I have not played organized sports since.

2. My middle name is Madelyn.

3. I screen my telephone calls.

4. I have been wearing my father in law's track pants for three weeks straight.

5. My husband was the first boy I ever kissed.

6. I love fresh coconut.

7. I cannot pronounce canola oil.

8. I have an abnormally hairy back for a woman.

9. I once peed my pants in front of my friends for $40.

10. I have three tattoos.

Let me hear your guesses and feel free to play along on your own blog if you want!

By the way, I will post the answers and let you know how you scored tomorrow morning!


Logi said...

Girl you are too funny!

C said...


Hilarious, Lucy!!

Cristina said...

I love this!! Let me know how I did:
1. True
2. True
3. True
4. True
5. False
6. True
7. True
8. False (I hope this is false!)
9. False
10. True

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

I'll say all are true except numbers

3, 4, 7, & 8... :D

My blog has a new address:

Emily said...

I think 1, 3, & 7 are true!

Lindsey said...

Fun post!!

b is for brown said...

what a cute idea! love your blog!!!

b is for brown said...

me again!

1. T
2. F
3. T
4. T
5. T
6. T
7. F
8. T
9. F
10. F

i may do this on my blog! so fun! cannot wait to find out the answers.

Kim H. said...

I can't say that I'd know the answer to any of these, but I found your blog through Summer (B is for Brown) and thought I'd say Hi. :-)

Snow White said...

#2, 8, and 10 are my votes for false.

Holly said...

I don't know if I dare attempt this, but here goes anyways...

Emily said...

I think I might use this on my blog... thanks for the idea!

Brittany Ann said...

These are in no way a reflection of what I think about you. I just like to be right:) But even if you do have a hairy back, I love ya just the way you are! No worries!
1. True.

2. True.

3. True.

4. False.

5. True.

6. True.

7. True.

8. False.

9. True.

10. False.

S. said...

1. True
2. True
3. True
4. False
5. False
6. True
7. True
8. True
9. False
10. True