Friday, June 19, 2009

The Truth About Lucy - answers

I had so much fun with this. Some of your answers and ideas about me were quite humorous! I was going to post everyone's score along with the answers but then I remember how much I hated when teacher's would read our quiz scores out loud and I decided to save you all the embarrassment. Let me just say this, no one got higher than 6/10, except my family members. And even some of them did not so well.

1. When in kindergarten, I ran the bases backwards in t-ball (i.e. from home -> third -> second -> first -> home). I have not played organized sports since.

This is actually false. I was quite disappointed with how many of you answer true (i.e. EVERYONE except my brother - who made the question up - said true, even my mom and husband). Do you really think I am that athletically challenged? I did strike-out in T-Ball (yes, the ball was in front of me on a stand) but I don't believe I ever ran the wrong way. Although, I think striking out in t-ball is probably worse. AND, T-Ball was not my last shot at organized sports.

2. My middle name is Madelyn.

This answer is false. Believe it or not my middle name is Marie. Hence Lucy Marie. Yup. Tricky, tricky. By the way, please tell me how this works ... MY MOTHER GOT THIS QUESTION WRONG.

3. I screen my telephone calls.

Most of you were right on with this one. I do screen my phone calls. When I receive local calls my phone only rings twice. Just enough time to look at the number on caller ID and decide if I want to answer. So if you call me, and I call you back and say "I didn't get to the phone in time", I might be telling the truth OR what I might really be saying is "I wasn't sure if I wanted to talk to you, so I waited to listen to your message and then decided if I would call you back." If I am home by myself and the caller ID tells me that the call is clearly for my husband, I never ever ever ever answer. What's the point? The person can give me the message and I can relay it to him OR I can just leave it all up to the voice mail. I like to eliminate the middle man.

4. I have been wearing my father in law's track pants for three weeks straight.

I am ashamed but yes, I have been wearing my father in laws track pants for three weeks straight. There was some controversy over this question because yes, I have taken them off to wash them or to put on real clothes when I leave the house BUT for the past three weeks I have been wearing these beauties almost anytime I am at home. Perhaps I should have worded the question "I have worn my father in law's track pants every day for the past three weeks". For the first 2 weeks or so I thought they belonged to my fabulous dude. The other night I said to him, "I don't know why it took me so long to discover that your track pants are so comfy". He said, "You do know that those are my dad's right?" Umm, yeah. They say Tobermory on them (a town close to my husband's hometown) and so he has taken to calling me "Toby" all the time. Somehow these pants ended up at our house and they are very super comfy. They even have a special little hole in the crotch. And I am definitely wearing them right now as we speak, or, err, as we type.

5. My husband was the first boy I ever kissed.

False. No more details. Just false.

6. I love fresh coconut.

False. I hate coconut's guts. I have been known to tell people I am allergic so that I do not seem rude when passing up a dessert being offered to me.

7. I cannot pronounce canola oil.

True. Unless I speak very slowly and concentrate very hard I cannot pronounce Canola Oil properly. I say Canoily Oily or Canola Ola.

8. I have an abnormally hairy back for a woman.

True. Sad, but true. I think it's a combination of a family trait and my super dark hair. Brittany, I am so glad to know that I have your love and approval regardless.

9. I once peed my pants in front of my friends for $40.

True. Grade 12. On the black top at school. Not my proudest moment.

10. I have three tattoos.

False. My body is tattooless.

Some of my family members e-mailed me their guesses so as to not give away the obvious answers - although seeing as my mom thinks she named me Madelyn and that I have three tattoos, I guess that wouldn't have been an issue. She tried to retract her answers saying she just typed the wrong thing (you know it's easy to get T and F mixed up), but even with her new answers, she only got 7/10 and I'm still very disappointed.

I hope you had fun getting to know a bit more about yours truly.


Snow White said...

that's really funny! Glad I got to know you better too :)

Lucky in Love said...

This was so fun! I love that your mom got answers wrong...that would so be my mom too :)

Jessica said...

That is so funny about your mom! I need to do this on mine to see what my mom gets right!

Taryn said...

Oh dear- your mother forgot your name? Well if it makes you feel better- my mom forgot my name is now Johnson when she sent me a package.

Also- I hate coconut's guts too! (with the new exception of coconut oil. It might be my new best friend.) But shred up the coconut and I will not put it near my mouth.

C said...

Haha! These answers are hilarious lucy! Loved this!

Emily said...

How hilarious! Your mom should be ashamed.. ha ha!

I think I only got one right.

Holly said...

Your mother? Now that's just wrong!
I didn't do too well, but I did get the one about peeing your pants correct!

New England Girl said...

This post was too funny! At least you never got kicked out of t-ball. I was ejected for being too absent-minded and focused on other things. :) After seeing how your family answered, I'm scared to even put mine up to one of these! The results might be horrifyingly wrong, albeit terribly funny. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

S. said...

fun! i promise i did not look at your answers before i played. :)

Jill said...

hahahah the special hole in the crotch = priceless!

and yay marie! that's my middle name too! or wait, was...i just made my maiden name my middle name after the wedding. oh boo, i don't want to give it up.

but i don't know about this not liking coconut business. i think it's scrumptious!

Brittany Ann said...

OK, this may be weird, but I really want to hear you say canola oil now!

Also, I'm really bad at this. I can't believe I didn't get Lucy MARIE.

Anonymous said...

#9- What better way to make $40? I'm curious about what you did with the $