Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Awards and Two Smiles

First of all, let me apologize. I am horrible with keeping up with these things. I know I have gotten a few awards over the past few weeks and I always forget to post about them. But please know that I do greatly appreciate them! If you have given me an award and I didn't post about it - I'm so sorry.

I was given The Kreativ Blogger award by Megan at THE LIFE OF ME while I was away on vacation and would like to extend my thanks to her for thinking of me! When given this award, you are supposed to list seven things you love.

1. My God
2. My husband
3. My bed
4. My kitchen
5. My puppy
6. My couch (I have an awful cold and have a renewed love for the joys of laying on the couch in front of the TV lately)
7. My breadmaker (surprised?)

Thanks, Megan!

And then yesterday, I was given the One Lovely Blog Award by Snow White at Finding Joy in My Kitchen. Snow White is one of my very best blogging friends. I am so glad I found her in this big ol' world because she is constantly inspiring me to try new things in my kitchen, to become healthier and to be responsible with all that God has blessed me with. Thanks, Snow White!

I cannot choose who to tag to pass these awards on to because I think you are all so deserving!

Moving on to two smiles - there are two things that are making me very happy today. I have mentioned a number of times before that my brother is a great photographer. His work is excellent and I think he deserves all the great things coming to him. The last time my family was together, he was busy snapping pictures, as always, and got this one of me and my nephew (at 9 months old). I can't help it but to keep looking at this picture over and over and over again because every time I do, I just giggle. It is so cute, don't you think? By the way, some good news, my sister and her family are moving closer to the rest of us! Please pray for them as they adjust to a new job, new home, new town, new routine and pray that their house will sell quickly.

The second thing that is making me smile today is this...

I believe I mentioned in some past posts that the fabulous dude was away this weekend at his Folks place. He got home late in the evening last night, exhausted from a weekend of roofing. This morning I unpacked his bag to get some of his clothes in the laundry and I found this in his bag.

There is a lovely candle factory in his hometown where all the candles are made on the premises. This weekend they were having a major tent sale (lots of reduced prices and amazing deals). Since I wasn't there to check it out myself, he got his mom to pick up something for me. The scent of this candle is White Paper. It is a lovely, fresh, springy scent and is a perfect contrast to the deep, heavy scents of most of my other candles. It brings a refreshing aroma to the kitchen! It just made me so happy to know that he was thinking of me while he was away this weekend.

What is making you smile today?


Snow White said...

the feeling is mutual, my friend.

Denise K. said...

Oh you have been busy, and BIG congrats on the awards and the sweet candle from your hubby! So many blessings in your life!!!

What made me smile today? Hmmm... I think I would have to say a nice cold root beer float after dinner! Ahhh...summer is almost here! :-)

P.S. Are you on Facebook?

...Southern Bride... said...

Perrier Water is making me smile! :)

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog! :)

Snow White said...

so... what would you buy at costco?! ;)