Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Ladies and gentlemen, Lucy Marie has decided that it is time to do some spring cleaning and to simplify and organize things around here. When I was packing for my trip to Scotland, it came to my attention that I have way too much stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff. The thing is, before the vacation, I got a little shopping happy and made a few too many purchases of new clothes. I didn't spend a ton of money because I was finding some really great deals but regardless, I bought too many new clothes. The problem became evident to me when I packed my suitcase with twelve days worth of clothes (which was probably more realistically like 2 months worth of clothes) about a week before my vacation and still had more than enough clothes in my drawers to wear until I left for my trip. When I had my suitcase packed and my closet and drawers looked as though they had been untouched, I realized that some things have got to go.

I recently cleared out a bunch of too small clothes and passed them along to the girls who live upstairs but I now know that I need to do an even more extensive purging. The problem is likely amplified by the fact that I unpacked all of my spring/summer clothes before I packed for my trip and did not yet put away the winter clothes. So, yes there are way more clothes in my room than on a normal basis since I usually put the off-season clothes away in storage. Excuses aside, I have too.much.crap.

So, it was two days before my trip that I decided I would be doing some minimizing when I returned. Today is the day, folks. Well, more like this weekend is the weekend. The fabulous dude is heading north to his folks place this weekend to help replace their roof so it will just be me, my iTunes and a couple garbage bags.

It is not only my clothing that needs to be revisited. The organization of our home really got away from me over the course of the past four months. The busiest semester I have ever had got the best of me and things got out of hand. But, I will leave that be for now. You'll see what I mean as I go.

The lists of areas I am planning to tackle are as follows (in order of importance):

~ Bathroom Cupboards
~ Kitchen Pantry and Spice Cupboard
~ Both of our dressers
~ Both of our closets
~ Spare room/office

I am telling you all of this as a way of holding myself accountable. If I promise you all that I am doing some major spring cleaning and that I will be letting you know how it goes along the way, then I know that I will be motivated to actually make some progress. I have been snapping some before pictures and will be sure to get some during and after photos as well.

I am putting my pride and embarrassment aside and will be showing you my deepest, darkest secrets the piles of junk all over the spare room. Wish me luck as I get down and dirty and attempt to rid our home of some of the clutter and disorganization that invades!


Holly said...

I don't envy you! Of course, I have my own crap to go through.
Good luck!

C said...

Good luck girl! I have the same problem with clothes.. I hang onto stuff way too long.

Jessica said...

I may do this myself on my blog! I haven't unpacked stuff in boxes from over a year ago!

Denise K. said...

Ah, there is nothing like the feeling of going through stuff and purging!!!! You need to have a big yard sale afterwards and earn some money from all of it! There is something so cleansing and mood brightening about clean closets, organized drawers, etc... Don't work too hard, and enjoy some time to yourself this weekend! :-)

Emily MacKenzie said...

Sounds like a great weekend alone task. Reminds me how much stuff (good word, btw, stuff) we have. So easy to collect it, but hard to get rid of it.
Just wait til you add little Cramplings to the mix. :)

Brittany Ann said...

Good luck! Let us know how it goes. I need inspiration to do this stuff too!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I'm so excited for the inspiration you are going to provide me. Thankfully, my closests are pretty well organized. I just blitzed them the other night and they are all tidy, neat and together. Now, that said, I have two rooms of my house that we just don't live in because they never got done/painted/decorated. They are a total wreck. I'm maybe gonna play along too and get to organizing those spaces and actually start living in them. Sheesh louise, it's about time! We've lived in our house for almost a year and a half now. Good luck!!! Can't wait to see the progress!!

Rona's Home Page said...

How fun!

Kristin said...

Good luck. Setting up for our garage sale last night we opened some boxes of stuff that have been packed for over two years...totally forgot we even had it. Yikes...guess we don't really need it.