Friday, May 15, 2009

Am I the only one who did NOT see that coming?


I don't really watch a lot of TV but I must admit I have a few shows I like to keep up with. This being my second post in a row about TV I'm sure you won't believe me that I do not watch a lot - but seriously, it's the truth. So, Lost and Grey's are *my* shows. Both had their season finales this week.

And now, I just need to ask, am I the ONLY one who did NOT see that coming? I spent the first hour wondering to myself "Seriously? Is this ALL they've got?" In honesty, I was quite disappointed. I was not on the edge of my seat. I was not dying to see what happened in the second hour. I was not anxiously anticipating the next trauma.

Then the second hour came along. It got a little bit better, but I was still not overly impressed. Okay, so they've got one semi-interesting trauma case but not nearly as action packed as last week's multi-trauma (or so I thought). Izzie's had the surgery, her memory's botched but they're working on it. George is enlisting, so be it. They want to stop him, chief says he left in the morning to be with his mom. STILL DID NOT SEE IT COMING.

And then, the last 10 minutes of the episode happened. Seriously, I'm sitting there, jaw dropped to the floor. The fabulous dude said a few times during the episode that he thought the John Doe might end up being someone that they knew, but I wasn't convinced. And certainly neither of us suspected it was sweet George. When he kept trying to write on her hand I thought that he was going to tell her that the girl pushed him in front of the bus or something. Wowza! So, please tell me, am I the only one? Did anyone figure out that it was George?

Some other points and highlights:

~ Who else cried like a baby when they were wheeling Izzie into surgery at the end of the first hour and she explained to Alex why she signed the DNR and then they had their sweet kiss?

~ Who else was disappointed that they didn't show anything from in the operating room? Straight from that kiss scene to all of them sleeping in her room? I thought that was lacking.

~ What did we all think about Derek and Mer's post-it note ceremony? I wasn't pumped although I did like the significance of the post-it's that Christina gave to her.

~ Loved the scene between Meredith and Christina when Mer says "I love you Christina Yang" and they do that awkward hug.

~ I was madly impressed by Alex's and Bailey's acting skills in all of their emotional scenes. I have been saying for a while now that I think the chief and Bailey will end up together. Anyone with me?

~ I also do appreciate the significance of George stepping out last week to help Izzie down the aisle and then them "going to the other side" together. Their connection seems to have remained strong throughout all the seasons, regardless of situations. Although, I'm still not convinced that they are both going to be dead. We'll see.

I think that's all I've got, but I'd love to hear what any other fans out there are thinking. Mostly I just need some reassurance that I am not completely daft and that everyone else in the world did not suspect that John Doe was George.


Emily said...

Too bad I don't watch Grey's it sounds like a great show and a real tear jerker last night!

Kristin said...

I didn't see it coming either!

Jessica said...

OH MY GOSH. Ok so I watched 3/4 of it this morning before work and wasn't able to finish unless I was late to work (which I did seriously consider until I realized I had a customer meeting me at 8:30).

I knew that there was something funny about the guy. Something seemed off and important but not for one minute did I think it was gonna be george! I knew that George & Izzy were leaving the show this season so I was assuming she would die and he was inlisting. Definately a shocker!

Thank you for posting about it otherwise I would have been searching the internet trying to figure out what happens! (I can't stand the suspense!)

Sassenachs in Scotland said...

We just finished watching it and were in the same boat as you. I didn't see it at all but when he started trying to write in her hand the second time Amy figured it out before Mer screamed. Oh man, I hate that we have to wait all summer to watch the next one. At least we'll be able to watch it together!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

I didn't see it coming either. I thought that it might end up being someone they knew, but never ever suspected George. Then I also thought that because the girl was so obsessed with John Doe that he was trying to tell Meredith something about being pushed, too! I seriously screamed outloud when he wrote 007. Poor Meredith.

My favorite part of the episode was Meredith's obvious pure joy. She was so happy and really had changed. That was such a relief after what has happened over all of the other seasons. I'm just tired of her negativity and happy she has changed! :)

Meagan said...

So everything you just wrote about, I was thinking....I had no clue it was George and I too thought he was going to write that the girl pushed him. I think the chief and Bailey will end up together!! I am just upset at the thought that George might not be on the show next season. I think that they are going to show the elevator door closing between Izzy and George in "the other side" and Izzy will come back. I'm just still in shock!!!

Btw....what does 007 mean?

Lucy Marie said...

Megan - I think the exact same as you, that Izzy won't get out of the elevator but will go back down to Alex instead.

007 is a nickname George got from the other interns way back in season one I believe. He was given the first surgery by Burke and the patient died so they said he had a license to kill (reference to James Bond). He hated the name and all the other interns always teased him with it.

S. said...

balled my face off.

Becky said...

Cried like a baby. Those last 5 minutes were amazing TV. I think that both of them are leaving the show, and I think they suck for it!! I knew that it would be someone that they knew, but never suspected George! Unbelieveable!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

My jaw was on the floooooor those last few minutes. I mean, what?! When I saw Izzy in the dress I said "oh no, this isn't good". Didn't George/TR stand up for Izzy/Katherine in her real wedding? Like wasn't he her best "man"? If they are both off the show, how fitting that it was them, together. I too wonder if she will go "back down the elevator". What an intense few minutes of tv. CRAZY!!!