Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - Swap

This week's tip comes from my S.I.L (who, regrettably, does not have a blog). She mentioned this idea a while back as a great way to save money. It's something I have never tried formally, but would love to someday.

We all love to add a new piece of clothing to our wardrobe, a new accessory to our jewelry box, or a new piece of decor to our home. However, we also all know that adding these new pieces can become a bit pricey.

Gather a few close friends, who have the same style/taste/size as you and organize a swap. You can set whichever parameters you'd like. Maybe each person is asked to bring three articles of clothing that are still nice and stylish but that they don't wear often anymore. Or maybe you each bring a few hair accessories or decorative items that you don't have a place for in your home. I'd recommend if you do something like this you organize it with friends who you are really comfortable and open with. You want to be able to pass up on items that you don't really care for, and you wouldn't want to hurt someone's feelings by saying you think the shirt they brought is ugly.

Another suggestion would be to organize a kitchen swap. See if you have a few friends who have kitchen tools or appliances that they don't have a use for. Have a waffle maker stuffed back in your cupboard somewhere that you've only used twice? Have a friend who loves to make waffles? There ya go. Maybe you can even develop the swap into a party. Everyone brings a few items to swap along with a snack and recipe to swap?

Although I've never formally organized a clothing or decor swap, my SIL and I have done a bit of 'informal swapping' in the past. Mostly we've given each other earrings, hair bands and other accessories. Although one time she even gave me an extra hair brush that she didn't need because she knew the handle on mine had been broken for a long time. So, it doesn't have to be a formally organized event. Maybe you just want to have a running agreement with a close friend or family member that you will swap things that you are bored with etc.

If you have a few girlfriends, sisters or coworkers who have a groovin' style, see if they want to be involved in some kind of swap. It could be a great way to have some fun with the girls, get a few "new to you" nice things and avoid dishin' out the dough! If any of you have ever done a swap, let me know how you organized it and how it went.

Have a thrifty thursday!


Denise K. said...

I think this is an AWESOME idea and have often thought the same thing...just think if we all swapped home decor stuff, we could all have "new" rooms and then return it when we were ready for a change! LOVE it...the jewelry and kitchen swap are great ideas...wish I lived closer to participate with you!!! :-)

Becky said...

I love it!!! I'll trade you my waffle maker for your pasta maker...just think it over!

Logi said...

What about the roasting pan and the super classy reindeer sweater??

Lucy Marie said...

Becky - Let me think about it .. umm.. no. You can keep your hands off my pasta maker. But you are more than welcome to come here and make pasta with me anytime. And I don't think I need two waffle makers.

And Logi - how could I forget the roasting pan and the reindeer sweater (although technically the sweater wasn't a swap since I bought it from you).

Logi said...

Oh yeah I forgot! Btw I still need to give you those earrings. I'll give them to you next time I see you.

Kristin said...

Do you have any really cool wooden roosters?