Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

In honour of the new year, I decided to forgo this week's Thrifty Thursday post (see yesterday's post for a quasi idea) and to post about some things that I am thankful for as we start a new year. I decided to write down the first 29 things that come to mind when I think about what I am thankful for. Why 29? Because it is now 2009 and I didn't think I could handle sitting at the computer for the length of time it would take to write out 2009 things so I shortened it to 29. Most of the 29 are things that are (at least in someway) specific to the year that has just passed. So here you have it, in no particular order, my list:
  1. The health of my mom and mother-in-law, who both celebrated 5 years cancer free in 2008.
  2. My husband's ability and desire to work hard to support our (wee) family.
  3. A new (to me) vehicle.
  4. All the new babies in born into my family in 2008: Hannah, Hunter, Rylan, Daniel and Mason.
  5. Financial aid to help support my graduate education.
  6. A 3 week visit with my sister and her newborn son in the summer.
  7. Candycane hot chocolate.
  8. My best friend's opportunity to follow her dream.
  9. The harvest from my garden.
  10. A friend who taught me to bake bread and teaches me many life lessons.
  11. Multiple trips north to visit family.
  12. My siblings who are also my dearest friends.
  13. My nieces and nephew.
  14. Parents (both sets).
  15. Three sweet chillens: Slugger, Sunny and Bam-Bam.
  16. The freedom and opportunity to pursue higher education.
  17. My church family.
  18. Cousins who are more friends than cousins.
  19. My cozy apartment.
  20. Baking and canning days with my mumma.
  21. My job and my husband's job.
  22. Tostitos with cream cheese bacon dip (mmm ... eating it right now).
  23. Crepe nights with Katie and Amy.
  24. Cooking weekends with my SIL.
  25. A freezer FULL of food.
  26. The chance to walk in the weekend to end breast cancer with five very special ladies.
  27. The fireplace that keeps my house warm.
  28. The blessing of another year.
  29. The birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

I'd love to hear what you are thankful for as we enter a new year. You don't have to write 29 things, you can write more or less, whatever you feel like. Use Mr. Linky to link back to the post. Happy New Year!


Tereasa said...

Hey Luc, I love your list! I made one this morning.

Denise K. said...

What a beautiful list of so many thankfuls! I wish you good health, happiness, and peace in the new year! May many blessings be yours in 2009... I am so happy I "found" you! :-)