Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"I Wonder Wednesday"

I wonder if it was a good idea to go shopping a few days after Christmas and stockpile Christmas supplies until next year? I think so. I am seriously so pumped about my purchases! I got everything at 50% off. Coordinating wrapping paper and ribbon (about $15 total), two garlands for the tree ($5 each - I know, this wasn't an overly great deal but it was very cute) and really cute red Christmas tumblers ($2 for 8).

A few years ago my mom changed the decor on her Christmas tree from a down home country look to burgundy and gold elegance. At our house, my fabulous dude and I decorate our tree with red and silver accesories. Next year, thanks to my mom, we will change our tree to the down home country look because she handed down the old ornaments to me. The colours are gold, green and red and I think I will make either a popcorn string or a pinecone string next year. We'll see. Too bad I bought a silver tree skirt this year.

I am pretty excited that I got these deals because it will allow me to have fun with gift wrapping and still avoid spending a fortune on paper, bows and ribbons. Now as long as I remember that I have this all when next season rolls around...

Today is "Christmas eve" for us. We spent a few days with my fabulous dude's family (24th-28th) and are now at my parents house for the week. Since all of my siblings were with our inlaws for Christmas we have opted to have today be Christmas Eve and tomorrow will be our Christmas day. Even though it's not the real day, it still feels like Christmas to us. We have so many fun traditions and are having a blast together. Once I return home from the holidays I will post a recap on the adventures of our Christmas vacation with some photos!

P.S. My sisters and mom just pointed out that this post could also serve as a thrifty Thursday tip. So, since I wasn't planning on posting thrifty Thursday tomorrow since it is my family's Christmas day and I have something else in mind, I will let this post serve a double purpose. You can be frugal by shopping at the end of season and getting Christmas decorations, supplies, plates, napkins etc. for half price!

Happy I Wonder Wednesday and Thrifty Thursday.

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Tereasa said...

This is a really good idea, which I have often considered. Yet, I never manage to save enough money by the end of the month to do it. If I feel really frugal next year, maybe I'll put aside a little money every month for the post-Christmas sales.

I look forward to seeing your new Christmas decor. I like country!