Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary

This weekend, we celebrated my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. Their anniversary was actually way back in August but because of scheduling and other events, now seemed the best time for the party.

On Saturday night, our family had the pleasure of eating at The Erie Beach Hotel. Let me tell you, this place has delicious food! All you can eat salads, celery bread and perch. Not to mention a full roast beef dinner. This was the first time our entire family has been together in a few years. And, with the new baby there as well it was a very special evening.

On Sunday afternoon, my mom and aunt worked hard to put together a lovely come and go tea for my grandparents. What a success! More than 100 people came to celebrate with our family and to give their best wishes to this lovely couple. The afternoon was filled with food, family and fellowship. It was amazing to witness and reconnect with such a large number of people who have been a part of my grandparents lives and, many, a part of mine as well.

Here's to Grandma and Grandpa - 50 years and counting!

Our family photo (minus my sister, her hubby and our nephew - they were there on Saturday night for dinner but had to leave before the party on Sunday)

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Logi said...

There were a few details of this weekend that I was said to see were left out of your post :(