Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Word to the Bigg Burd

Tonight, my fabulous dude and I had the pleasure of being treated to dinner by two of our best friends, Bigg Burd and C-Biscuit (for the record, they chose their own blog identities). What a wonderful evening! We enjoyed some tasty grub at a quaint English pub. Some of the tastiness included fully loaded garlic bread (with tomatoes, onions and cheese on it), fish and chips, a yorkie (a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with mashed potatoes, topped with roast beef and mushroom gravy), a hollandaise chicken sandwich and a chicken thai stir fry (seriously, C-Biscuit ... who orders Thai at an English pub?)

After dinner, we meandered over to Wal-Mart to kill some time before hubby's ball game. There, C-Biscuit and I quickly downed a Smarties McFlurry from the in store McD's. We checked out all areas of the store ... including the PJ section. Seeing my fabulous dude decked out in woman's pajama's was quite the sight. While I was mortified, C-Biscuit thought it was hilarious. She did admit, though, that it wouldn't be quite so funny if it was "hers" in the PJ's!!

Getting to spend time with Bigg Burd and C-Biscuit doesn't happen all to often because of the geographical distance between us so we soak up the love whenever they are in town and when we get to visit them. Having friendships like the one we share with these two doesn't happen too often and it is something to be appreciated to the fullest. God has blessed us with such wonderful people to surround ourselves with.

Thanks for dinner guys. Word to the Bigg Burd!!

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