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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Bucket List

Inspired by my BFF, here is my bucket list.

1. Stop biting my nails.
2. Drink less Pepsi (but not that much less).
3. Make at least one new recipe from a recipe book each week.
4. Continue baking our own bread.
5. Wash my face every morning and every night.
6. Pray for a specific need of my husband's daily.
7. Give more than I think I can afford.
8. Run a 5 km race in the next year.
9. Be a mom in the next __ years.
10. Be a better friend.
11. Wash the floor more often.
12. Get a tattoo.
13. Go on a real vacation with my husband, by ourselves.
14. Pray for a new person each day.
15. Complete a PhD.
16. Own and renovate a home.
17. Be more "homemade".
18. Make a quilt.
19. Keep a plant alive in my house for more than 2 weeks.
20. Have one billion followers on my blog.
21. Learn how to sew.
22. Teach my children about Jesus.
23. Have more kids than I can count.
24. Convert my BFF to become a dog lover.
25. Talk to my mom and dad at least once a week.
26. Be the coolest aunt on the block.
27. Train a guide dog.
28. Learn (or re-learn) a second language.
29. Explore Canada.
30. Learn how to work a BBQ (thanks, Em)
31. Own every Harry Potter book (in hardcover) and film.
32. Complete the Love Dare.
33. Learn how to drive standard - oh wait, I've already done this because I'm awesome.
34. Be a grandma.
35. Volunteer at a Women's Shelter.
36. Meet five fellow bloggers in real life.
37. Have a scrapbook room in my home.
38. Make good use of the scrapbook room in my home.
39. Write a song.
40. Be better at sending birthday cards.
41. Grow an herb garden.
42. Drink more water.
43. Laugh at my husband every day.
44. Never be afraid to ask questions.
45. Exercise daily.
46. Read more books.
47. Eat more fruit.
48. Overcome my fear of heights and snakes.
49. Refinish my desk.
50. Do at least one random act of kindness every week.


Emily said...

Such a neat list. I might steal this neat idea from you soon!!!! I will need time to sit down and think of what all I want on my list first!

Courtney said...

Love this idea. I have a lot of the same ones.. especially #19 :(

Kayla said...

Thanks! I loved your list too. I got some of my ideas from you! :-) and I'm sure the bucket list will have to make room for change, because I will be forever adding to it!

Katie said...

Good luck with #24!

Katie said...

The ones I think we should accomplish together:

5k race
make a quilt
learn to sew
(plus others)

The quilt one is an excellent idea. I love having a quilt that my grandma made for me. We've got lots of time to perfect the skill before we need to be making any for our grandchildren. I've actually helped my grandma do the stitching a few times and its very relaxing!

Taryn said...

Oh Lucy Marie- I will be the billionth follower of your blog!

Also- I would love to be your one of five real blog friends.

And- I love your goal to have more kids than you can count- and the one about laughing at your husband every day. That is a good one.

tututina said...

a very interesting post! The bucket list is a great idea! My husband just bought the book The Love Dare. We love the movie Fireproof. Good luck with achieving your goals!

Denise K. said...

What a great list!!! Loved it, and hope that I too can be one of those 5 who gets to meet you in person one day!!!!

LaVonne said...

What a great list! I might just have to make my own soon. I did see the movie and thought the idea was cute. :) Thanks for a peek inside your life. I love the blog! I found you by way of Rachel at Musings of a Future Pastor's Wife. I am glad I did. :) Blessings!