Monday, July 15, 2013

12 month stats

Gwennie Girl,

  Gwen's 12 month post On your actual birthday I focused on all the gushy stuff so today (before we are too far past your birthday) I want to take a few minutes to document all about what you have been up to this month. To start with, you are a tiny little peanut. You weigh 18lbs 11 oz and are 30.5 inches. You wear 9 or 12 month clothes and size 4 disposable diapers. You are on the medium setting of your medium cloth diaper covers.

Your 7th and 8th tooth came through (the 7th on the day of your birthday party and the 8th a few days later) and we were SO glad that after the horrible go of teething you had between 10-11 months that these ones came in without a peep. We’re hoping that now you will get a bit of a break from the whole teething game. Because it is no fun, not at all.

Gwen's 12 month post3

You still nap twice a day, usually around 8:30-9am and around 1-1:30pm, both lasting anywhere from 1-2 hours each. The nice thing about you is that when we are out and about you have figured out how to be more flexible. You roll with the punches and are able to go without the morning nap if we’re busy. You go to bed between 7-7:30 and sleep until 6:30-7am, sometimes waking up for a little snack around 5:30-6. You nurse 4 times a day and drink a bit of cow’s milk in between. You are getting weirder with your food – you don’t like to sit in your high chair, you’re much more of a grazer, just like your big sister. Mealtimes are becoming kind of tricky, so I like on the go times when I’m able to toss food in front of you and watch you gobble it up without missing a beat. In your highchair, however, you are typically only happy with crackers, veggie straws or bagels.

Gwen's 12 month post1

We’ve been spending our days doing fun summer stuff – pool, beach, park, zoo – you name it. And you love it. Well, you love the pool as long as you get to stay on the deck with food and you love the beach as long as you just get to muck in the sand. You aren’t so much a fan of the water yet, and in fact, it seems that the pool and beach have ruined bath time for you, as well. As much as you used to love baths, it is now like wrestling a rabid jungle creature trying to wash you.

I’m pretty sure the zoo is your favourite place as you are totally in love with animals. You sign birdie the whole time we are there. Animals capture your attention. You know how to make sounds for cow, puppy, monkey, and horse. Of course, they all sound fairly similar but I can tell the difference. Other than that, you don’t say a lot other than uh oh, hot, hat, and Mama (only when you want to – never on command). You sign a lot though, you point to everything and say “uhh, uhh” and sign milk, more, please, all done, thank you, eat, puppy, bird, cup. Despite your quiet nature (well, that is a misnomer, even though you don’t say many words, you certainly aren’t quiet – hello screamy baby) you know how to get your point across and are learning to communicate really well.

I love that suddenly, you have a strong understanding of almost anything I say. I can ask you where your cup is and you will go get it, I can say “Go get a ____” and you know what I’m saying, you even know what I mean I give you clothing and tell you to put it in the laundry (gotta start you young).

You love to sing and dance. I adore it. In the car, if Eva and I are singing, you are undoubtedly singing along. You love to play with the Little People princess castle and sing with them. It is jus the sweetest ever. You also love to play with the kitchen toys, babies, the tea set, the toy camera and blocks. You love reading books, and are starting to recognize and point to some items. You love going to see the chickens and horses and going for walks. You love playing in dirt and sand, playing catch and playing peek a boo. To you, the only place worth being is outside. You bring me your shoes and hat and said “haaaaa” all.the.time. You are whiny and like to be right by my side at all times – independent play has been all but non existent lately. You want to be doing exactly what your big sister is doing all.the.time. And I mean, exactly what she is doing. You are not content to play beside her with a similar toy – you always want the exact thing she has. My job of referee has definitely begun.

On your actual birthday, we enjoyed a nice little dinner with M and L and a chocolate chip cookie cake made especially for you by your big sister. We loved celebrating with you.

Gwen's 12 month post2

You are turning into such a goofy, wonderful little girl. Watching you grow up, learn and explore just makes my heart so full. I can’t wait to see what our next year together holds – although I sure hope it doesn’t zoom past as quickly as this year has. Even though you are all big, and grown up and toddler like, I know that when you snuggle up to nurse or cuddle with me, that you are still my sweet baby. I love you more than I could ever say with words.

Stay sweet, my girl.


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