Thursday, February 28, 2013

there she goes, there she goes again

She brought a bundle of plastic necklaces to me and said “Can you help me mommy? I don’t know how to do this. I’m trying to hump it hump it hump it like this but it’s not working”. Hm.

We were driving to preschool, listening to some praise and worship tunes. She was belting out one of her fav songs and stopped and said, “Mama, when I sing like dis does it make Jesus so happy?” I told her that it sure does. Then she said, “When I yell NO NO NO NO does that make Jesus very sad?” Apparently something is sticking.

One morning, Evan left early for work, long before we woke up. At 7, Gwen and I woke to Eva climbing up into my bed. We stayed in there and cuddled for a bit and then got up to get moving. I took Eva to the potty and when I took her PJ pants off, I saw her pullup was backward. Unusual, but let’s face it … Daddy put her to bed the night before, so WHO KNOWS. I took her pullup off and saw it was dry. I told her to get up on the potty and she said “I don’t have to pee”. I told her she did because she had been holding it all night. She said, “I already did pees”. I asked her who helped her and she said, “I just helped me all by myself”. Girlfriend had woken up and taken herself to the bathroom before waking me up. You go Eva!

That same morning while we were hanging out in bed, she started singing, to the tune of Jesus loves me, “God is good it’s time to pray. Gwennie do you love Jesus?”

Mommy, can we go to eat yunch at da restaurant? No we can’t. I wish we could but we can’t because you and your sister are too crazy. I not crazy! Yes, you are a wild crazy monkey. Why is I are a crazy?

She has some bizarre obsession with tea towels and it doesn’t seem to be going away. At any given time, if I go to the kitchen I cannot find a tea towel. They are always in her play kitchen or on the living room floor or, well, tied around her neck like a cape. She puts them on her head and says she “is a marry” (getting married), or that she’s a “Spiderman princess angel” or that it’s her “hostume”. She dances around the kitchen waving them like flags, fills bags with them and it’s not unusual for me to walk into the kitchen and find five tea towels spread out on the floor, with a baby doll asleep under each one, either.

Lately, when she’s playing with food in her toy kitchen she tells me she’s having a drink of “celery pop”. I don’t want to burst her bubble or anything. But, that sounds awful.

She always wants to draw on her “magnet dude”. She asks me to draw pictures of all sorts of things, usually animals. Most commonly, she wants a picture of Oatie , Davey or Magic (that’s the donkey and two horses that live across the road). This morning she asked me to draw Oatie and when I showed it to her she said, “Hm, okay. Let’s try again mommy”. Fail.

One day I spent nap time doing a major clean up of the toys. I’m always amazed how observant she is for a two year old, because she noticed. So, for a few hours after nap was over, she followed the baby around, taking all the toys away from her saying “No, no, no. Mommy cleaned up. Mommy worked hard”.

We skype with my parents sometimes. The other day, we skyped just before lunch and my parents were getting ready to leave the office to go out for lunch. Poor girl was pretty confused. She spent the rest of the day begging me if we could go “to da ress-ahh-rawnt”.

The other day she said to Evan, “You are the Jesus at my house”. He said, “What are you talking about?” and she held out a cup with coins from her cash register in it and said, “I give dis money to Jesus. You be Jesus”.

One night at bedtime, she and I were having quite a moment. We had said prayers (and when she prays it never ever ever fails to make me weak) and sang a few songs together. My heart was a puddle of mush. I was stroking her hair and said something like, “Do you know how special you are? Do you know that God made you for Mommy and that I am so thankful that He gave you to me?” … she looked into my eyes, put her hand on my face and I just knew she was going to say something profound. Then, “Mommy? Can I tooted on your leg?” Doh.

Ever since the whole ear infection thing, she’s been very into all things Doctor related. She has played with her Doctor kit more in the past two weeks than she has in the entire 18 months she’s had it. She always checks to see if I “need temper-er (temperature), checks my bo-bope (my heartbeat with the stethoscope … erm, I mean telescope, according to her) and fixes my ears with “the yucky medicine”. Anyway, on the weekend, we headed into Future Shop to get my iPhone looked at because it was haunted and doing weird things. On the drive there, we kept telling her we were going to a store so they could fix my phone. When we got there, there was quite a line so Evan took her into the mall to do some shopping while Gwennie and I waited. When they made their way back and I was being looked after, she got up on one of the stools at the counter and said, “Mommy, is dat lady going to fix my ears?” A little confused, I guess. Then later, when Evan and I switched and he took Gwen for a stroll in the mall, Eva kept asking me “Where is the hole with Daddy? Where is Daddy in the hole?” …. I could not figure it out forever. Finally, after some questioning, I think she was asking where the door from future shop to the mall was.

There is a boy in her Sunday School Class named Nathan and for some reason she has trouble remembering his name. Almost every night (especially on the weekends when we talk about going to church more), she likes to list the names of her classmates. She wants to know their Mommies names and Daddies names and if they have a dog and all sorts of other information I usually don’t know. Anyway, tonight she was talking about them and listed the boys in her class. But of course, she got stuck on one name and said “Mommy, what’s that other boys name?” When I told her “Nathan” she looked straight at me and said, “Did you say NAY-FIN? Or NAYYYYYYYYY-FIN?” … not entirely sure the difference, but hey. I guess I said NAY-FIN.

Mealtime is a seriously dreaded time of day around here these days. It’s just so chaotic. And messy. And loud.  Today at lunch, the girls nearly did me in. So to celebrate making it through another meal alive, I snuck into the kitchen and hid in the corner while stuffing a Reese Peanut Butter egg in my mouth, in an effort to keep the tot from seeing. I was successful. Until about 15 minutes later when I took her potty and she smelled my breath and said, “Mommy, what did you have? Did you have peanut butter? Did you have that peanut butter that has a chocolate on it?” Busted.

Auntie Caley and Cousin Connor came over for an afternoon playtime and a “neither of the Daddies are home” dinner the other day. Near the end of their visit, Evalyn found a few cool toys in Caley’s diaper bag, including some maracas. She was carrying them around and said to me “Connor needs to go home and I need to keep dees toys here, okay, Mom?”. I told her that, no, they belonged to Connor so she could hold them until they were getting ready to leave, but then she would have to put them back in his bag and play with them again next time. When it was time for them to leave, I fully expected a meltdown of epic proportions, so I was quite surprised to see her willingly and cooperatively place each and every toy back in the diaper bag. But? When she tried to zip it up and realized the bag was just a little too full, she took all the toys out and said to Caley, “Dees don’t fit. You can just take the bag and you guys and go home and I will keep dees toys, okay?” Nice try, kid.

Last night, Eva’s Aunt Marcia said that she and Gwennie are “such a treat”. Eva laughed and said, “No. We not foods! We’s are guys!”

This morning Evan left for a boys weekend. My parents are also on vacation. Eva reminded me this morning, “Nana and Papa go to Costa Rica. Daddy goes on vacation. Eva and mommy and Gwennie just stay at home all day”. Yeah, thanks for the reminder, kid.

Yesterday Evan went to Walmart so I asked him to get me some white glue for a craft I had planned with Eva. It was sitting on my dresser beside the basket of craft supplies, which are housed there until the playroom is finished. This morning she climbed in our bed and within two minutes said, “Hey, do you guys have some glue now?” Cannot hide a thing from her.

Lately she has been on her game. I just cannot even keep up with the hilarity. Hence the over the top amount of posts about Evalyn-isms. I just can’t get enough of her.


Deanna said...

She is such a character! I think these are my very favorite posts. :)

Aunt Shelley said...

Oh the tea towels...after all the work you put into ironing them!! Oh wait maybe that's your grandma that irons her tea towels. I don't think I've remembered to tell you that your writing style on these posts reminds me so much of great grandma Kirkland's (she was a teacher)journals. I will have to show you them sometime.

Jessica Gehman said...

You can post eva-isms all you want, but she obviously gets it from her Mommy (you know, the lady that put her shirt on backwards). So glad Eva keeps you entertained but the stay home all day comment made me laugh. Can't you at least take her to a rest-a-rawnt?

Ashley @ Gratitude and Latitude said...

Funniest kid ever.

Annie said...

Eva is hilarious! Love this post!

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