Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Memory = Refreshed

I guess last week’s Eva Says post served to refresh my memory. Or else it just brought out some extra cute in her. Either way, over the last week I’ve noted so many more little tidbits of her that need to be documented forever.

I love when toddlers use incorrect grammar and pronunciation. It’s so cute. Right now one of Eva’s best is “We’s guys”. “We’s guys is playing puzzles. We’s guys can read a book now”.

One morning she was walking around wearing nothing but socks. (I almost wrote some kind of explanation or disclaimer here…but let’s face it, we’ve established one thing already: kids are weird). She was singing. As usual. And suddenly I hear, “Old McDonald had a farm, E I E I MOOOOOOONER”. Looked over, and her butt was in the air. Who’s kid is this?

She’s discovered the art of deception but not quite yet the art of lying. She will often say,, “I want you to go over there” or “I want you to go into that room”. When I ask her why, that’s when her plan breaks down. She always tells me why. “Because I want to pick my nose”, “because I want to climb on the couch”, “because I want to drink your pop”.

She was playing on her own one evening recently when I heard her tell one of her dollies: “When I was in bed, I was sad. And I cried. I called “MOMMY. MOMMY” But my mom didn’t come. My mom never came”. MOM FAIL.

There is a little girl in Eva’s Sunday school class with the same name as her Aunt Holly. Her Aunt Holly recently had a birthday so on the way home from church she asked me if it was Holly’s birthday. I said it was her Aunt Holly’s birthday, not the Holly from Sunday school. She said, “Oh. Is it the Holly with the Charlie in Michikits (Michigan)?”

Every night when we sit down at the table for dinner, it goes something like this, “Oh! Mommy and Daddy. We better pray”. Then we pray. And then, “Okay, can you talk to me about school?”

A few weeks ago we had our friends over for dinner. Gwennie was already in bed and Evalyn was heading there herself when they were getting packed up to go. I had done the whole bedtime prep thing and told her to go get in bed and I’d come tuck her in in a minute after they left. She waited two or three minutes and of course, I was just chatting away. Finally, she appeared in her bedroom door way and said “Excuse me, can you guys go home now?”

For a while she went on a kick of saying “would you be happy to” before every single request. “Mommy, would you be happy to get me a snack? Would you be happy to turn on my show? Would you be happy to play this game?”

As she’s laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, “Come here mom. Lay right here. Lay on my tummy and I will rock you. I will hold you Mommy”.

Her favourite thing to play, by far, is babies. Sometimes she’s the mommy. Like the time she pulled Gwennie onto her lap and said “Dis is the Sweetie Gwennie. And I am the Sweetie Gwennie’s Sweetie Mama”. But sometimes she wants to be the baby. The other day she climbed in my lap and told me she was the baby and I should rock her to sleep. As I was rocking, she got that smirk on her face and said “I need some milk” (she still thinks it’s hilarious to pretend she’s nursing). I said “Okay and pretended to nurse her. She said, “No, not like dat. You have to take your breast seeding right out and open it like this” as she undid my nursing tank.

One morning recently, I played dead stayed in bed after the girls and Evan got up. Sometimes I do this. After a while I heard her say “It’s time for my mommy to wake up. I will go in der. I will not bosser (bother) her. I will just look. Not touching her”.

She has quickly caught on to the whole idea that there are some things that are not safe or appropriate for the baby to play with. She uses this to her full advantage all the time. If Gwen has something she wants, she always, “Oh no no Sweetie heart. Dat’s not sor babies. Dat’s too small. You might choke. Dat’s not safe. You give that to big sissy.” Sneaky right?

She has started to refer to herself in third person most of the time. And not just be her name. She calls herself Miss Eva.

She is constantly telling me what to ask her. For instance, “Mommy, can you ask me where I put the baby?” and then when I humour her and do as she’s asked, she acts like it was the best idea ever for me to ask her that. “Okay, Momma. I will. I will tell you about it. I put my baby in that bed”. Also, note that when she says, “Okay, I will” it sounds like “Okay, I wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel”.

We were chatting the other day and our conversation went like this. Me: “Do you love Mommy?” Eva: “I love Daddy”. Me: “WHAT?” Eva: “Can you cry about that?”

I may have written about this one before because it’s been going on for a while but all of her measures of time are in reference to “this time”, “last time” and “next time”. “I went to school last time” (usually means yesterday). “Next time, can I go to visit Goofy at his house?” (I guess here it means sometime). Or, “I will eat my snack this time” (usually means right now).

She is starting to be interested in opposites. The only problem is that sometimes she just doesn’t quite get it. “Is dis is big or yittle? Is dis is blue or open? Is dis is tall or hot?”…. Hm, well. We’ll work on that.

Similarly, she talks about the weather a lot. And usually she can look outside and explain pretty well what the weather is. Only sometimes I wonder what in the world she’s thinking. We were outside in the evening and she said, “Is it dark outside?” And I said, “Yes. It’s dark because it is night time”. “Yes, it’s dark and the sunny is pouring!!”

We live in the sticks and so more often than not we are met with interesting aromas when driving. Tonight, we were driving home from the Auntie’s house and the air was smelling rather fresh. Whenever Eva smells something she always makes large an exaggerated sniffing noises with her nose to figure out what she smells. Finally, she said, “Mommy? Did I tooted or something?” I said, “I’m not sure, did you?” And she said, “No. But what I smell? I fink it smells like Marcia (her aunt). I think it smells like pigs”.  This isn’t the first time she’s done this. A few weeks ago, she said she smelled cows and it smelled like Auntie Crystal.

She thinks a hood is called a “head up”. Obviously, it stems from me saying, “Let’s put your hood up” but she always says, “I need to get my head up on” or “Can you put my head up up?” I could correct her on this, but I won’t. I just won’t. It’s too cute.


Deanna said...

She is too funny! Love this post. :)

Ashley @ Gratitude and Latitude said...

I need you to move to the US so we can eat Chipotle and Miss Eva and I can be BFF's. She is too funny - no idea where she gets it from?! ;)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Eva and Ella would be the best of friends. I just know it.