Friday, February 1, 2013

January Goal Review – February Goals

So apparently I need to ease myself back into this whole public monthly goal setting thing. Because, well, I did not do so great this month. I blame Pretty Little Liars. I got hooked. So hooked. As in, I watched every single episode in less than three weeks. I’m now finally caught up so life can resume as normal. Also, you are all now free to post spoilers without ruining my life. (Immalookingat YOU!)

In my defense, however, for every goal on this list I did not complete, I did get some other things around the house done that I had not intended... I (finally) unpacked the remaining boxes from the basement, got out more every day decor and reorganized our bathroom cupboards. So that counts, right?! RIGHT!?

Put away and ORGANIZE Christmas done and dusted. Everything was purged, reorganized and put away during the first week of January. I win.

Select photo book photos: I rocked this one as well. Along with picking all the photos, I got them uploaded to Shutterfly as well. That there is half the battle. I find the actual making of the book to be super quick and easy. So much so that I finished uploading my pics yesterday, started the book last night and am already up to Gwen’s birth.

Blog about our holidays, Gwen’s 6 month update and two house before/afters: Here’s where things got dicey. I didn’t blog about the holidays. I decided to forego it and just include my blurbs in the photo book. I did get Gwen’s 6monther done and posted one home reno post (our entryway). I failed at getting a second one posted. I was going to post about the $5 and 5 minute bathroom reorganization but, well, who wants to see pics of lady products and my toothbrush?

Organize and purge toys:  I can only say this was half accomplished. I did get rid of a lot. And I started organization. The girls got organizational stuff for Christmas. This is what I have set up so far …

New folder

Evan’s working on the playroom so that will be a big job this month.

Deliver donation pile to Goodwill: Fail. Triple fail fail. There are 2 garbage bags and one large box sitting on the pool table downstairs waiting to go. That darn pool table!

So … on to this month:

1. Reorganize pantry/food cupboards. Seeing as we’ve lived in our home less than 6 months, this really shouldn’t need to be done but seriously, I cannot believe how quickly these areas get overrun! Plus, now that I’m in my groove in my new home and I have a second little person who is eating and has food to be stored, I can better decide where things should go.

2. Clean Fridge. All I will say is yuck. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

3. Finish 2012 Family Photobook. Really, as I said before, the biggest task is done. The pictures are selected, organized and uploaded. I started actually assembling the book last night and completed up until June 2012. This should definitely be attainable. What’s best is that my motivation is that I will get to eat Chipotle when it’s done and ordered and I go pick it up.

4. Set up playroom. Throughout January Ev has been hard at work. He’s replaced the floor and has been building permanent shelving and storage. If you follow me on IG you will have probably seen some of the progress. Soon he’ll be done his portion and it will be my turn to take the reins. Here is where the super crazy toy organization will happen. I also have some ideas for wall art, craft storage and a small office space.

5. Blog House Tour. The truth is, I’ve sucked at before/after photos. Mostly, because there are no afters yet. Everything is still a work in progress. So, I’m planning to showcasing our house in a Before and NOW series. Showing you what it was and how far it’s come – despite the remaining imperfections and lack of final products.

6. Decorate sofa table. In our apartment, I had a nice sofa table set up in the kitchen that housed my cookbooks, decorative platters and recipe box. Now, it’s in the living room and is sitting fairly empty. I have many ideas in my head. As always. So we shall see how it goes.

That sounds like enough for now. Stay tuned. And cross your fingers I don’t get sucked into any new shows.


Ashley @ Gratitude and Latitude said...

If you tweet spoilers I will find out. Xoxo - A

Jennifer said...

Nice work!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Jackie said...


1. Totally hear you about shows that suck. up. your. free. time. !!!!! That was me and Friday Night Lights during the last month. Hubs and I watched it during the first season years ago, but finally just got caught up on Netflix. LOVE the Taylors! ;)

2. You are amazing for even setting goals. Even after six, no make that SEVEN months of having two kids, I still consider it an accomplishment to get us all bathed and make dinner every night. So setting goals? YOU ROCK, girlfriend!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I am awful at finishing photo books. As in, i just finished E's first year. I haven't done a family photo book.... ever. I should really get on that!

I need to set some goals for sure. Although I'm not sure I would do so good at keeping them! ;)

Lynsey said...

Do you like those booksheleves? I am looking for some for Mason.