Tuesday, December 18, 2012

my girl eebs

I apologize that this is going to be so long but it’s been about a month since I’ve done one of these posts and let me tell ya, she’s had some doozies lately. I could literally write one of these posts every single day. So, here we go. Eva-isms part 4890584:

Tonight we drove to the mall for our second visit with Santa. On the way, she kept asking if we were going to the North Pole. I couldn’t seem to convince her it was just the mall. I guess this whole thing is confusing, considering the first time we went she asked if we “could go see Jesus now”. And then, we started talking about how we’d leave cookies and milk and carrots for Santa and his reindeer on Christmas eve and she said, “Will the reindeers chew dem up? And does Santa drink the milk? Does he drink it from da breast-seeding?”  Um, not exactly kid. Then when we saw him, she was not scared at all this time. She just said “Hey Santa, can I have my present now?” Whoops.

Then, on the drive home I asked her what she did at the mall and she said, “Okay, Mom. When we get home, I’ll tell ya all about it, alright? I’ll tell ya with nice words”.

The other day she was playing and she told me, “Mommy, you are not ah-youd to spoke until Jesus comes”. Well, alright then.

She’s really interested in making her baby sister happy lately. On a daily basis, she will sing a song or read a story or do anything and when Gwennie smiles she squeals with delight, “I sang a song to Gwennie and dat makes her soooo happy!” It’s precious, for real.

A while back, she was walking around, feeding her baby in a sling (a skill I have not mastered). She switched sides so the baby could have “de osser milk” and she put this blanket over her and said “I gotta keep my baby prisate”.


My parents are Nana and Papa and Evan’s parents are Nana and Grandpa. Having two Nanas can be quite confusing but she’s figured out how to distinguish them. She now calls my mom “The Nana with the Papa Nana” and Evan’s mom “The Nana with the Grandpa Nana”.

A while back she was playing very independently with her Little People Nativity Set. I love listening to her imagination and creativity develop. Have to say I laughed when I heard, “You listen to me baby Jesus. I said stay ober der. You don’t say no to me. It’s time to talk nicely. You stay with Joseph or go back to bed”.

Lately, she has been the queen of run on sentences and ‘cuz is her current conjunction of choice. For example, “You said good morning cuz’ I woke up cuz’ I got out of bed, cuz’ you opened my door, cuz’ Daddy was still sleeping, cuz’ we can have breakfast now, cuz’ I went potty, cuz’ I have undies, cuz’ I want a banana”.

I was in the kitchen and the girls were playing on the living room floor. And of course, by playing, I mean Eva was putting blankets on top of Gwen and pushing her head down into a pillow telling her it was time for sleeping (her new favourite game). Suddenly, I heard her say, “Oh did I bite you Gwennie? Don’t worry. I just a little bit bite you”. Supervision FAIL.

She has been quite interested in the whole Christmas thing. She was reading the Christmas story to me and it went like this: "Once upon a time Mary and Joseph and a donkey went for a longggg walk. They walked to Vineland. Then baby Jesus got borned in the hay". Pretty much sums it up.

On another Christmas note, apparently the fact that we say “Merry Christmas” and Jesus’ mother was “Mary” is quite confusing to the 2 year old mind. Whenever she hears Merry Christmas she says, “Where’s Mary? Is baby Jesus in her tummy?”

On the weekend, we were up before the sun. Wait, we’re up before the sun everyday. Anyway, it was a rare morning that Gwennie was still sleeping, so Eva and I were cuddling on the couch. There is one house across a couple fields that leaves the Christmas lights on all night. She was in awe of the boo-tiful lights and then started counting how many polar bears she could see. Apparently, there were 7. Then when we went potty she said, “Yook Mom! Ders a baby polar bear. Right der in that cage. We better get him out. You better pet him. You better kiss him”. She named him Poalie and we took care of him all day. I guess we just need to be better about securing our house from wild animals since there was a skunk climbing on my chair at dinner a few weeks ago.

In the car she asked me, “Mom, am I free or am I seben?” I said, “You are two”. She said, “I’m four probably”.

We’ve been spending a lot of time talking about the significance of Christmas and about the gift of Jesus’ birth. One time while talking she asked me, “Mom, where is Jesus?” I told her that he is in her heart and she said “No he’s on the board at Mrs. F’s house”.

Her independence has really started to shine through since she’s been potty training. Like she wasn’t independent before. <sarcasm font>. Often, when she goes potty she tells me, “Don’t come wis me. I need to hab a priva-seat”.

Lately, there have been some traits coming out in Eva that show how much like me she really is. She walks around with her magna doodle ‘taking attendance’. "Is my friend Daddy here? No, he’s at work. Is my friend Mommy here? Yes. She’s here. Glad to see you here today”. She has also started making lists on her magnadoodle. Specifically, asking me what I want for Christmas and ‘writing it down’. It’s so cute. She also loves to be ticked like I do. If I start to rub her arms, she will take her shirt off and hold her bare arm out to me to tickle and then make me tickle the other one.

A few weeks ago at dinner she was rambling on and on and on (she tends to do this, ya know) and she said to Evan, “My baby in my tummy is coming out later. My milk come out. My milk come from my bretts. Wanna see. Just yook though. Don’t touch my bretts”.

It’s no secret that the twos can be terrible. A few weeks ago, she had a downright kicking, screaming, flailing temper tantrum because “Gwennie spit up on her”. Truth was she was climbing all over us while I was nursing and a bit of milk from the edge of Gwen’s mouth got on her sleeve. She then proceeded to have a fit, screaming as though I was ripping her fingernails off, yelling “DIS IS ALL SOAKING WET. I NEED A NEW SHIRT. CAN’T YOU GIVE ME A NEW SHIRT? IT’S SOAKING”. Two minutes later, she was over it, although she continued to hold her “soaking wet” arm awkwardly in the air for about 10 minutes.

Girlfriend is obsessed with TV. Although, this obsession is fairly theoretical since she will rarely watch for more than 10 minutes. Anyway, she asks  us NON stop if she can watch. When she gets up in the morning and we ask what she wants for breakfast, instead of telling us, it’s “Can I watch a show wis it?” Picture this being said with a sly, eyebrows raised expression.

She is constantly using terms of endearment for basically everyone. She calls Evan “Daddy boy” and me  “Sweetie heart”, “Lover baby and “Sweet Mom” all the time. That won’t ever get old.

I have myself a nice pair of purple skinnies. Evan hates them. Absolutely despises them. I put them on for church last week and walked into the bathroom. Evan immediately gave me a disgusted look and right at the exact moment, Evalyn shouted “Oh man! COOL PURPLE PANTS MAMA!” I’ll stick with her opinion, thankyouverymuch.

That same day, it was her BFF’s first birthday and on the way to his party she was singing away in the car (unusual, I KNOW) and sang “We’re go-ning to the party on the day of the Lord and Jesus is my Lord on the birthday!”

Since the whole potty training thing has been going down, there tends to be more poop talk in my house than I am typically comfortable with. One time, when Eva did a #2 she told me, “Yook Mom. It’s yong of a snake!” (as long as a snake). I’d be lying if I told you we haven’t since started  asking her if she “needs to do a long of a snake”… Just a few days ago she did her #2 and told me “It’s not long of a snake today. It’s just long of a turtle”.

She’ll hate me someday for sharing these things, won’t she?


Erin Maree said...

She is too funny! My little sister, Megan has Down Syndrome and she has been known to crack us up. A while ago my parents were telling me to always watch TV as if Jesus were sitting next to me on the couch (as in be careful of what you watch and make sure it doesn't have too much sex/drugs/violence in the shows). A few days later my Dad was asking her where Jesus was and Megan responds 'on the couch watching TV with Erin' we all cracked up it was priceless! She also used to go up to men with big bellys and point and say baby when we were shopping and if they looked like my Grandfather she would say 'Granddad?'.
I am sure Eva won't mind too much that you are sharing these things just don't tell her until she is 18 and blogger is ancient and unheard of!

Katie said...

Oh my word, I can't believe how much and how good she talks! I must not spend much time around two year olds. Your little girl is HILARIOUS!

Meg said...

I'm am giggling my butt off over here. She is beyond adorable!

Deanna said...

So, so funny!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

i'm telling you, your e and my e would so get along. although they would talk circles around us!!