Tuesday, October 2, 2012

three months of gwen

3month post

My Sweet Little Gwennie Girl,

Here we are at 3 months into your little life. You are growing and changing each day. And I’m loving every single second of it. You are such a riot and are developing more and more personality all the time. Here’s how you’ve looked this month:

3month post1 You are such a little stinker with personality a mile long. You babble away all day and if we aren’t paying attention to you, you complain and fuss until we look at you and then your face erupts into a gigantic smile. You love to put on productions like that.

You are wearing all different sizes of clothes. Some 3m, some 6m, some 0-3 and some 3-6. You are a teensy weensy peanut but you are long. When we compare pictures, it looks as though you’re similar in size to wear your sister was at this age, but your face is much finer than hers so you look very petite. You are still squeezing into size small snap diaper covers but the velcro ones are long since packed away. Mostly, you’re wearing medium snap covers. I just moved you up to size 3 disposable diapers at night because you were waking up SOAKED through every single morning in size 2s. The 3s look pretty giant on you – but, hey – it works!

You are still in the running for world’s easiest baby. You sleep well (although not as well as you did in your first two months – could we get back to that m’dear?), you nap pretty consistently three times a day and you rarely fuss. You’re a good eater – nursing 7-8 times in a 24 hour period for just a few minutes on each side. You are quick and efficient. In your opinion, it’s eat or go home … none of this lazing around business.

3month post2

You are currently best friends with your pacifier and while I’m a-okay with that, it is sometimes a double edged sword as it seems you go through days/nights when you really, really want mommy to help you find it while you’re supposed to be sleeping. Sometimes naps are a bit tricky and I find myself darting back and forth into your room to retrieve the paci, but lately you’ve been doing much better with far fewer paci alert wake ups. Your favourite place to nap is in the crib so I quickly snag up any chance I get to get you to fall asleep in my arms. It doesn’t happen very often. You do love to sleep being worn though, so I take advantage of that whenever I can.

In a typical day, you are up between 7-7:30, go down between 8:30-9 until 10ish and then have a longer afternoon nap anywhere between 11-3 and the another evening nap from about 5-5:30-7. Then, you get up for a quick visit and are back down for the night by 7:45. Lately, a typical night consists of a wake up between 3-4 to nurse and then usually another wake up around 6-6:30. Thankfully, most mornings you drift back to sleep as you nurse so I don’t have to drag my sorry butt out of bed quite that early. There is also usually a paci alert or two somewhere in the night as well. You sleep in your crib although you usually end up staying in bed with me after your first nursing sesh of the night. As a general “rule”, I let you stay in my bed if it’s 3:30 or later, otherwise you usually make your way back to the crib. When you do have fussy nights and have difficulty settling, I don’t fight  too hard before pulling you in close to snuggle in bed. I just love cuddling with you.

You are strong and love to stand up on your legs and look around. I soak up the moments that you snuggle in close to me because for the most part, you’d much rather be facing the world. You are reaching and grabbing for toys and definitely showing lots of interest in the world around you. You laugh at toys that make noise and light up. You started rolling from tummy to back when you were 6 weeks 6 days and were rolling like it was your job between 8 and 9 weeks, but lately you can’t be bothered. You love to chill on your tummy but no matter how long I leave you like that, you’ve stopped trying to roll over. You’d rather save your energy for all the laughing you do, I guess. Goodness me girl, your belly laugh is enough to cheer a spirit in no time at all.

3month post3

Your smile is contagious. Your happiness over flows. You are friendly and social and soak up every ounce of attention you get from everyone who looks your way.

3month post4

I am loving watching you become you –  unique, wonderful little you.

Stay sweet, my little love, stay sweet.


Shannon Dew said...

3 months?! how is that even possible? she's such a mini eva, too cute!

Jessica said...

They grow up so fast! Adorable.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

sweetest girl. xo

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

She is so very cute. Her smile is amazing.

I can't believe it's been 3 months!