Thursday, October 4, 2012

eva says

Every day Eva says 492905 things that I want to capture and memorize forever. None of them in themselves are interesting enough for a blog post, but together, they become who she is. So, although it may not be interesting to many of you – this post is a random smattering of our girl’s latest crazy.


She sometimes (often) has trouble with the order of her words and the inflection in her sentences. When she sees a baby, she will say to me “Momm is that baby cute” or “Mommy is that baby asleep”, when really there is no question about it. She is simply telling me the way it is with the order of her words mixed up. She does a similar thing when she’s asking someone to do something for her. “Daddy, can’t you help me? Mommy, can’t you get me a drink?” And the way she says it implies that we are absolutely incapable beings and she’s entirely exasperated with our lack of ability.


She’s recently become fascinated with different things and the noise they make. She’s constantly interested in the noises she’s hearing in her surroundings. And when she hears something new, she asks us, “What’s with that noise?”


When we are playing and she’s giving me a choice about something, she’ll hold two options to me (say, two different coloured blocks) and say, “Okay Mommy. Which one you want, you like?” and along the same lines, another mixed up order of the words thing, she will always add I want to the end of a sentence when she wants to do something. “I play toys now, I want” or “I go ober der now, I want”.


As I’ve written a million times before, she’s a little Mama. She spends the majority of the day taking care of her dolls. Lately, she’s moved on from calling everything Gwennie and now her dolls are all named “Baby Yadi”. The other day she was carrying one of her Yadis in a little sling that my mother in law made for her. She was rocking and bouncing her and said, “You need to has a naptime. Want my boobies swirst?”

And a few other visual examples of her taking care of babies…

iphone pics - october 4th


The other day I asked her if she was ready to get out of the tub and go get a snack. She replied, “No. I not ready. I not done hasing a bas-tub. I not all keen yet. I be all keen in a yittle while. I stay in the bas-tub, I want”.


Girlfriend is obsessed with money. She loves to play shopping, hold hoard money and pay when we are out. She has suckered a few people at church into always dropping coins into her little change purse. So far, we’ve made for her first 3 years of college. When we are out shopping, she is always excited for when we are finished so we can “Go and pay da yady”.


Sometimes around here we joke around and call each other Lazy Bones. A few mornings ago, Evan made eggs and toast for he and Eva and she said, “Good job on the eggs Bonesy Yaze” (Sidenote: when the L’s stop sounding like Y’s and the F’s stop sounding like “SW”s I will cry. Mark my words).


Her favourite song is Wheels on the Bus. We sing it non-stop all day long. And now, whenever we see a bus, instead of calling it a bus or a school bus she says, “Ders a wheels on da bus go round and round!”


We live in the country on 1.5 acres. We are surrounded by farmland. The people we bought our house from still harvest the fields all around us and so they are around a lot right now with it being the harvest season. Evalyn is 70% enthralled and 30% terrified by the huge machinery (combines, tractors etc) that drive up and down the lane in front of our house on a day to day basis. She was getting ready to go outside with her Daddy to watch them combine when she started saying, “You don’t scare da tractors, Daddy. Okay, you don’t scare da tractors. They don’t get you. They don’t come to you”. Pretty sure she was trying to convince herself not to be scared of them.

This same thing happened with the farm across the street where there are horses and goats and a donkey. She wants to go over and see them and feed them every single day but for the first little while she couldn’t quite convince herself not to be afraid. As we would walk across our lawn to go see them she’d say, “Da horses not scare you. Dey not scare you. Dey in da swence (fence). Da horses not scare you, Mommy”.


Another one about the horse farm … the owner’s name is Allan. Today I heard her singing “Old McDonald had a farm. And on that farm he had an Allan, E I E I O”.


If I could capture the way she pronounces breakfast for the rest of my life I’d be a happy woman. I can’t even pronounce it. My closest guess is “breast-tist” but sounds even funnier than that.


Well, that’s only about half of the little tidbits I had written on my list to document. Yes I wrote a list of things. Pick your jaw up off the floor. So, looks like we’ll be seeing part 2 of this post sometime soon with the rest of my lady’s funnies.


Laura said...

This is adorable! My daughter has her own little sayings and it is SO endearing! It's a great idea to document them since these little girls are ever changing.

Aunt Shelley said...

Ahhh it...sitting on the bathroom floor, nursing the baby and eating pizza...she learns so much from her mama...heeeheee

Kar @allmylove.mommy said...

I absolutely love these! This is where I was going with the Barbie post... It's all the cute little things they do that make up who they are.

It's always the little things.