Tuesday, October 16, 2012

eva says more funny stuff

Okay I promise this will be the last “Eva says” post for a while. Or maybe not. Who am I kidding? At the rate she goes, this will become a weekly feature.


Eva likes to always let me know what’s going on with her sister. The best example is when G is screaming, Eva will clap her hands and yell, “Oh! Gwennie’s AWAKE. Gwennie’s AWAKE!” Thanks, hun. You know, the screaming didn’t tip me off. She’s also eager to praise her and get excited when Gwen learns something new. Right now, most commonly she jumps around and shouts, “Yook Mom! She’s holding a toy! Gwennie’s holding a toy!” I couldn’t let Gwen CIO even if I wanted to. As soon as the tiniest peep comes from her room, , Eva will say, “Dah sounds yike Gwennie’s awake. Yet me go check”. And in she goes.


Don’t be grossed out but I have a corn on my foot. Okay, be grossed out. The other day, I had my feet up on the coffee table and Eva saw it. She looked appalled and said “What is that?” I told her it was called a corn and she pushed my foot down and said “DAT is yucky. Don’t make me yook at it”. Ha. Similarly, a while back she pointed to a mole on my face and said, “Oh Mom. You got a sick right there”. Then when we were at the inlaw’s for Thanksgiving, Evan climbed in bed with her when she decided to wake up at 5 am. She put her arm around him and started rubbing his neck, her fingers came across a zit on his neck and in the pitch black she whispered, “Daddy. You got a sick”. Not sure where the word ‘sick’ came from – but needless to say,  zits have a new name in our house now.


On Saturday, we went to the mall as a family to get Gwen’s ears pierced. Then we headed across the street to meet my aunt and uncle for supper. On the way over, Eva wanted me to sit in the back between her and G. I told her I was going to sit in the front with Daddy and she said, “Once upon a time, Mommy sat right here beside me”.

While we were at the restaurant we were eating, minding our own business when she shouted, “Mr Noodle is here! Der’s Mr. Noodle” Finally, we turned around and sure enough, Mr. Noodle’s look alike was sitting at the next table. Maybe it was Mr Noodle’s brother Mr. Noodle.


She loves to sing, always has. And recently, there are more and more and more made up songs coming out of her mouth. For example, to the tune of “Mr Sun”, “Toys away, away, put my toys away. PUT! MY! TOYS away!” and always the favourite, “Kumbyah my Yord, I see penguins! Kumbyah my yord, Gwennie’s sleeping”.


For her birthday, C gave Evalyn a whoopie cushion. The other day, Evan got it out and was driving her nuts with it. She wanted to hold it and every time she got close to take it from his hand, he would make it fart in her face. She was getting so mad at him and finally, in exasperation, held her hand up to him and yelled “Daddy. Please. I ASKED YOU DON’T SQUEEZY IT ANYMORE!” He does the same thing with his “owie” (he lost a fingernail in an accident a while back and now it’s growing back – she is very fascinated by it – gross).  Every day when he gets home, the first think she does is asks to see his owie. She always wants to touch it but is scared because she knows he’s startle her when she gets close. So now she said, “I am asking you. Don’t move your owie!”


The other day, Caley and Connor were over for a visit. They were going to take a picture of Eva to send to uncle Craig. Caley gave Eva thumbs up and told her to do that for the picture. The rest of the morning, she kept asking both Caley and I to “do the finger stick”.


At the end of her nap, she always calls to me until I come to get her. The other day, it went a little like this: “Hey MOM! It's Eeba! Do you hear me? MOM! It's Eeba! In my room. I hear you Mom. MOM COME OBER DIS WAY?” and then a few minutes later, she walked out of her room wearing nothing but a diaper and socks. This was the first time she figured out how to open her door - which actually isn’t that hard since we don’t even have door knobs yet :). But, I will say that she was wearing MUCH more than just a diaper when she went down for her nap. She has since become quite the nudist, taking off her clothes at random moments. Like yesterday when I was making dinner and came into the living room to find her in the jumperoo, bouncing away, with nothing but a diaper on. She has even started taking her diaper off sometimes. I caught her the other day, in the washroom, “dumping the poop into the toilet” the way she sees me do it .Thankfully, there was no real poop.


When Eva gets in trouble we often say "Don't speak like that" so now when she says "sorry" and we say "for what?" she says "for speaking". I promise, we do let her speak. Sometimes.


One day when I picked her up from school, the teacher told me that when they sat down for snack, she got all serious and said to the other kids, “Kay boys. No talking. It’s time to eat.”


One day she slammed her head on the hardwood floor because she slipped and fell while having a fit. Her fit was because she asked for a banana and when I gave it to her, without the peel, she lost her mind because she wanted it “in da closet”.


G always laughs when we nibble her toes. I guess I can see how this could be misleading to Eva who walked over to her last week and bit her foot. Really hard.  The same thing happened when I was shaking a rattle toy in front of Gwen’s face and saying “boo” with it to make her laugh. Eva took it from me and hauled off and whacked Gwen in the face with it. Fail.


Eva loves to pray and to read the bible. The other day, she was reading her bible to her dolls and I heard her saying “Dis God’s word. The people say YAY God. Tell me da words. Tell me, what God made? God made the sky? I teach you about God. Now, we got to pray”.


I asked Eva if she would like to go grocery shopping today. Her response? "We go grocery shopping on Sun-der-day Mommy! ONLY Sun-der-day!" Also she has started saying lasterday, which is basically the best ever.


Laura said...

I love these posts! I can totally picture her while reading what she says. Kids are so funny! Poor Gwennie though, ouch!

PaigeR530 said...

I love her sweet heart. She is so funny!

Rae said...

These crack me up, she's hilarious! Declan doesn't talk nearly this much, I can't wait...

Anonymous said...


Jaclyn_Rose said...

haha - I love lasterday. Finn just says last dasy "remember when we went to the zoo last day".

Anonymous said...

Your stories crack me up!! And maybe sick is her mispronunciation of zit. Any how...thanks for sharing these sweet stories. They have me reminiscing about some of the things my kids used to say.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

hahahahah I love these. And #1? Exactly. Eme is like THE ANNOUNCER when it comes to ALL THINGS LUCY. Um. Thanks kid. I didn't notice.

"MOM! LUCY SPIT!! LUCY SPIT! Don't worry! Big sister gotcha! I Kean you spit, Lucy girl!"


Repeater reporter. bahah.

And a corn? We can't be friends.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

this made me laugh so hard. she sounds so much like e. and the "once upon a time" thing? hilarious. where do they get these things?!?

Carrie said...

Haha what a girl. I think I like the finger stick the best.

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

I love the Eva Says posts. I find your kid vastly entertaining. I think she and I would get along quite well.

For the longest time, Gabe referred to everything as "last week". All time frames were 'last week', and it made for some very interesting convos. I can't wait until Mads and Liv start saying silly stuff.

MommaBBabyboy said...

She's hilarious - there are tears in my eyes!! Xxx