Friday, October 12, 2012

cannot say enough

Before I get started, let me make it clear that this is not a sponsored post. I have no affiliation with the company and was not compensated in any way for my review. I’m simply a mom who loves a product hoping to maybe help out another mom.

It’s no secret that I’m a babywearing fool. I love to wear my babies for the closeness and comfort it brings and also for the ease and convenience. While I wore Evalyn quite a bit during her infancy (and well into toddlerhood – I wore her on my hip a ton until I was too pregnant to do it gracefully anymore) I have found that I am doing it even more so on my second go round. With a toddler on the lose and an infant in my arms, baby wearing has become much more about survival and necessity than simply preference.

With Eva I had a ring sling, a moby and a few different pouch slings. I wore the moby the most often when she was a little baby and then from about 7 months on, I stuck mainly to the pouch slings, using the hip carry. I never really liked the ring sling much past a few weeks of age. The funny thing is, considering how often I wore Eva, I never invested anything into my carriers. Two of my pouch slings were handmade and bought for $5 each, my other two pouch slings are Seven Slings and were free, my moby was handed down to me from a friend and my ring sling was $8 at Once Upon a Child. When Gwen was born, I also added a MeiTei to my collection, thanks to my girl, Erin.

During the first few weeks of Gwen’s life, I started to realize how much of a necessity baby wearing would be. Unfortunately, Moms don’t grow an extra pair of arms with each child so here I was – one extra kid to take care of and still only two hands. I knew I needed something that would allow me to be hands-free and comfortable. Sometimes for hours and hours at a time. I started to do some research and quickly fell in love with the Ergo. I started trying to convince Evan. He wasn’t buying it because as far as he was concerned, I already had 8 too many carriers. I tried to explain to him that him saying I didn’t need another one when I already had so many was like me giving him a cap gun and telling him to go shoot a deer. Gotta speak his language, right? Eventually, I convinced him. Well, actually – I didn’t. I ended up getting enough money from gifts for Gwen to cover the cost so really, he had no say. And, what’s even better, I ended up scoring myself a brand new, never used Ergo for $80 instead of the regular $120-150 due to a mislabeled box at Target. Can I get a what what?

I got my Ergo when Gwen was four weeks old and I am not even lying when I say that it has changed my life and transformed me as a baby wearer. I always thought my other carriers were good – now I know what I was missing. I even tried using the moby once since I got my ergo, thinking that since I still have it, I should probably try using it sometimes. That lasted about 10 minutes. Other than my pouch sling, which I use at church since it is easy to fit into my diaper bag, I have not used any of my other carriers since the day I met the Ergo. It is, hands down, the most comfortable, easy, hands-free carrier that I have ever tried.

ergo pics

It only took a few weeks of having it for Evan to realize that I was right and it was a good purchase. I think once he saw that I was able to scrub baseboards, wash walls, vacuum, mop and scrub out our fridge and freezer on moving day, all while wearing Gwennie, he finally saw the value.

I will still keep my other carriers for future babies – because I do like the ring sling, moby and mei tei for when they are itty bitty, and I don’t want to bother with the infant insert on the Ergo again (hello, annoying), but for now – I am an Ergo girl. I have even wore Evalyn on my back while walking and she really enjoyed it as well.

If you’re in the market for a good amazing baby carrier – I’m telling ya, the Ergo is where it’s at. I cannot say enough about it. Just be sure when you purchase that you check on the website for the list of authorized versus counterfeit distributors. There are many websites and stores out there that are selling fakes – and if you get one of those the safety, quality and durability may be compromised.

Happy Babywearing!


Rachel said...

So glad to read this! My husband's aunt bought as an Ergo. Initially I wanted to return it and get the Bjorn, but a few mommy friends told me that would be a horrible idea. Gla to hear another rave review!

Mrs. V said...

Thanks for this post! I'm trying to be a frugal mom and kept debating whether or not the Ergo was worth the price. If I can be honest, it's been sitting cart at for MONTHS! I wish I would have purchased it when it was on sale. Oh well. I will definitely be buying it now. I already have the Moby and really liked it when my daughter was born, but once she grew it was too uncomfortable for me.

Mateya said...

I have the Ergo but haven't used it. I tried a few times buy Hayden seems uncomfortable. It seems like his legs have to be spread so far apart and he doesn't like that. :(

Katie said...

I've had my eye on an Ergo for awhile, thanks for your input. One question: Does it bother Gwen that she can't face forward and see what is going on?

Ashley said...

I started with a Bjorn just b/c that's the most popular name brand in the U.S. HUGE MISTAKE. It was OK when T was little, little, but it was so uncomfortable for me. A friend came over with an Ergo, and I tried it out. Moving the weight to your hips makes a WORLD of difference. Love, love, love the Ergo. My first wasn't a huge fan of being carried in any carrier (or stroller for that matter...the kid wants hands-on carrying only...UGH!), so I'm hoping #2 likes being snuggled up with me in the Ergo, so I can get more use out of it.

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

My parents have decided to give us $500 every time we have a baby (they originally said 'when we have our first baby', but after Griffin was born, they gave us another $500 and said they'd changed their minds. And because life is unfair, his had to go towards memorial stuff.), so next time, I am going to use it towards an Ergo and a double stroller. I reeeally hope thy still have that green one available because I LOVE it. Still liking the graco double?

Also, please send me your skinny arms.

Erika said...

LOVE the Ergo. I hated the Bijorn but it was the only thing I knew at the time. My friend recently gave me her Ergo and S will fall asleep in it. She's 14 months old and only sleep in her crib and maybe the car seat. So she must really love the Ergo. And? When she sees it now (when we are out) she gets excited to no "ni ni" in it:-)

Jen + Jeff said...

The Ergo is the only carrier I own, for all the reasons you mentioned. I did wear Leila in it when she was little and just stuck a rolled up towel under her bum instead of buying the infant insert. Worked like a charm.

Anonymous said...

Baby & Toddler wearing is Brilliant. I always encourage Mom's to invest in a baby carrier because it really does enhance ones life!

I am with you on the infant insert! Like you said, when they are itty bitty the other carriers come in handy.

Love your Babywearing pictures!

Gina said...

I want an Ergo but I can't buy one now. Dammit. If B wasn't getting snipped next week, I'd talk him into another baby so that I could get an Ergo.

amanda said...

So glad you like it! I have a boba which is also a soft structured carrier, but a slightly different cut. I have a few friends who are religious babywearers and recommended it for people with smaller frames. I bought mine the day after thanksgiving in a black friday deal and love it! Has Evan tried yours? Fred actually used it a lot more than I did. It was a huge help to him when I wasn't home. Monroe could technically still use it=they have such high weight limits. I had a moby when he was tiny and liked the feel of him in it, but hated putting it on. I just bit the bullet and bought a K'tan hoping it'll be easier to get on and off which will make me more likely to use it. I love that the boba (and I'm sure the ergo) are easy to get on and off and get baby in and out. being hands free makes all the difference. Especially with a toddler in tow too (at least that's what I imagine-I'll find out soon!)

Meagan said...

how much does gwen weigh? my friend feels like her 2.5 month old is too big for infant insert and too small for nothing.