Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here we go. Another post with random snippets of the funny things my kid says/does. Deal with it.

I’ve mentioned before that she loves to dig worms (ahem, woomies) in the garden. A few weeks ago, she and her daddy were playing outside, digging them up and then I brought her inside for snack, bath and bed. We made a pit stop at the washroom sink to wash hands first and then I was getting her snack, I heard “Woomies out pocket. Woomies on table”. I looked over and saw her pulling FIVE (5!!!!!) worms out of the front of her romper and setting them on the table. Ew. Sick.


Lately, she’s been all about praising and encouraging me. I get a “Yay, Mommy” or “Good dob, Mommy” for almost everything I do. Including sitting down on the floor to play with her. She’s not so far off, I guess. In the state I’m in currently, it is quite an accomplishment to get myself up and down off the floor.


One of her favourite songs is “Old McDonald”. Recently, we found a whacky version on a youtube video that she loves to watch. The first time she came up to me and asked me for “O-de-donna-has-a-sarm-peas” I about died. As I died the next five thousand times. See for yourself.


She is still taking care of her babies, more than ever, really. Just a few weeks ago, she started breastfeeding them after seeing C-Biscuit nurse William. She gives her babies “milk” almost every day, although sometimes, she tells me she’s feeding them water, or chocolate, or, you know, turkey. She’s pretty impressive, being able to produce that much nutrition for her children.


We’ve started to get baby things out so that she’s used to seeing them around the house. First up was the car seat, which I pulled out to wash and clean up. When she woke up from her nap and saw it, she immediately said, “Oh das Baby _____ (insert baby sister’s name) car seat!” and later said, “Eea play Baby _____ (insert baby brother’s name) car seat?” I was pretty impressed that she put together that it would be for our baby, instead of for one of the other babies she’s used to being around.


Today my midwife came to the house for our home visit. Evalyn wasn’t very happy about her checking my blood pressure, but once we got to hear the heartbeat she recovered quickly and thought it was neat. She then spent the afternoon picking up sticks, phones, anything really, and saying “Doctor yisten Eea” as she rubbed her belly. Also, when the midwife was measuring me, she asked Evalyn, “How big is Mommy?” and Eva’s response was “Mommy pretty”. Well done, my child, well done.



Crystal Seed said...

OMG!!!! She just killed me. Like, me....DEAD! I cannot get enough of her! She's just adorable! Love her!

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

I want to meet her.

Lindsey B said...

I love her and her amazing vocabulary so much! She is so smart!

Deanna said...

She's so cute!