Thursday, April 5, 2012

welcome to the end

Third trimester, say what? I’ve officially hit the beginning of the end and if this pregnancy continues the way it has been (and I am betting my lucky stars it will), then it is going to be a quick, slippery slope to the finish line.

In other words? I will be holding this child in my arms before I can even say morepoopydiapers.

I have some complaining to do so I’ll get that out of the way before I go further. I’m feeling all kinds of achy, old and Grandma like. I waddle. I can hardly tie my shoes. And I get out of breath so easily. The baby’s movements are starting to feel uncomfortable. Some days, I feel like s/he is going to jump out of my throat and fall out of the nether regions all at once. I don’t know how s/he can stretch out so much in there. The next three months should be stellar.

Aside from this? Things are great. Sleeping is still going just fine. Well, most nights anyways. And the nights that it hasn’t been fine aren’t the fault of the inside baby but rather, the outside baby. I do have to pee most nights but sometimes I make it until 5-6 am before waking and then I feel like my bladder is going to burst all over the place.

Evalyn has been paying attention to my belly a lot lately. Kissing it, hugging it, saying “my sitter” to it (she thinks it’s a sister because she’s used to hearing us call her the sister, I think), saying “all done baby” and pulling my shirt done (she’s in for a surprise when she can no longer get rid of the baby that easily). We talk about the baby a lot, read books about new babies a lot and pray for our baby a lot. But? There’s no way she has any concept of what’s happening. And really? Is there any way around this? What else can I do to prepare her for the changes that are coming?

In a few weeks, I’ll have my last monthly midwife appointment and then I’m on the road to bi-weekly and weekly appointments. Good thing work is finishing up soon and I’ll have more time to squeeze in all this fun stuff.

As far as getting prepared for the birth of this child? Ha. I have bought exactly zero things for this baby and have hardly even started to think about it. We aren’t redoing the nursery, so that’s done. The double stroller is the daunting task (more on that to come), and other than that? I don’t think there’s really much else that will be needed. Everything is still in good shape from when Evalyn was an infant, so now it’s just a matter of re-arranging and organizing and getting things set up. But, that can wait a little while longer, me thinks.

I am starting to get really excited- albeit really nervous – about having two kiddos. I cannot wait to see who this baby looks like, if his/her personality is just like Evalyn or different and all of that fun stuff. Knowing that this little alien inside me will grow and develop and become a tiny little person with thoughts, ideas, likes and dislikes it just astounding to me. It is such a miracle.

You know what else is a miracle? A scary miracle?

Knowing that this big ol’ belly is going to keep growing, and growing, and growing. For three.more.months. Yikes.

2012-04-05 28 weeks


Crystal Seed said...

You may be big, but mamma, you are ALL belly!!! You look amazing!

Crystal Seed said...

You may be big, but mamma, you are ALL belly!!! You look amazing!

Crystal Seed said...

You may be big, but mamma, you are ALL belly!!! You look amazing!

Crystal Seed said...

You may be big, but mamma, you are ALL belly!!! You look amazing!

Gina said...


Perfectly Imperfect said...

how are you in the third trimester??? good grief this is flying!

i'm still saying girl.. i think eva is calling this one right ;)

Cindy said...

I think it's a girl, too! :)