Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I’ve always dreamed of the day where I’d be able to start using my blog as an avenue for documenting all of those priceless, hilarious things that my kids say. All of those things that you hear and think, “Oh I’ve gotta write that one down!”

It’s fun for me to know that that time is starting now. Because, already, on a weekly daily hourly basis Eva comes out with something that I think, I have got to remember.

Lately, she’s been particularly humorous. And, I don’t think there’s any question that Evan and I have one sassy little girl on our hands. And while I am certain that within a few years time, this sassiness will be getting the best of me, for now, it’s pretty cute and funny.

So, here are some of Evalyn’s latest gems.


While at the swimming pool waiting for swimming lessons, we were sitting on the benches watching the older ladies doing Aquafit before our class began. Evalyn, ever the friendly one, waved and shouted “Hi Yadies!!” Of course, many of them heard her and got a kick out of it.


Girlfriend loves to be bossy. Watch out baby sister/brother. Mostly, she likes to boss the dogs and her toys. But also? She has figured out how easy it is to boss Nana around. Whenever I hear her acting this way and commanding my mom about what she is supposed to be doing, I remind Eva to “ask nicely”. So, the other day when Nana was visiting Eva said “Nana! Nice-y! Sit down now!”


Another while Nana was visiting. We went out for dinner, just the girls, on Monday night. When the waitress brought Evalyn’s booster seat to the table, Eva was quick to say “Tank you! Welcome! MANNERS!” Apparently she’s used to hear us say “good manners” after she says a please or thank you.


Last night, she was playing with her Little People Zoo in the kitchen shortly before bed while I was cleaning up dinner. Suddenly, I heard a rumbly (possibly wet, TMI?) toot come from a bum other than my own. I looked at her in surprise and she immediately lit up, did the baby river dance stomp and yelled “Oh MAN! I DID IT!”


The other night when Evan got home from work, she ran directly to the door and without stopping to say hello, lifted her shirt and flashed him. Clearly I need to be more careful about how I greet him from now on. Ahem.


Last night, they were having a shower before bed (sidenote: she has all but given up on baths and wants nothing to do with bathing unless it’s in the shower). Since we were winding down and getting ready for bed, Evan was singing quiet songs to her to help her calm down. Right now, her favourite is “Blue Skies and Rainbows”. He was singing quietly and softly. It was a moment. And then I heard, “Eea ticko Daddy nipples!” (ETA: Evan tells me that while this was happening, she was actually tickling a freckle on his arm, calling it his nipple).


Today at lunch, one of the things I served Evalyn was broccoli. This used to be her go to veggie. But lately, she hasn’t been entirely pumped about it. She was picking away at everything on her plate except the broccoli so I said, “Eva, can you take a few bites of broccoli?” The response? “No thanks, honey”. Sheesh.


And if these aren’t enough to convince you of her sass, hilarity and all together cuteness? I give you Evalyn’s “sour face”.

sour facec


Erica said...

You.are.too.much. That is all. (Re: Eva greeting daddy)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

hahaha. This kid is hysterical ;) And I'm glad to know another kid says nipples as regularly as mine. I mean. Yea. Also, sidenote, not trying to take over or anything BUT-Eme tends to elbow-hurt-somehow-always my BOOBS (and duh, with pregnancy they are sore) I must always say OUCH! about my boobs. So she comes up to me, points to my boobs and yells, "MOMMA'S BOOBIES OUCH!!!!!!" all.THE.TIME. Oops.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Ok these are hilarious. Stop it right now with the cuteness! Jamie has recently started calling Adam 'Hun' to get his attention. And or course says it in the same nagging tone over and over just like his dear ole mama.

Shannon Dew said...

Oh boobies, one of KP's first words...good gravy!

Mateya said...

These are so funny! At least she is polite :)

MSDeyle said...

Oh I love these! Thanks for sharing (and keep recording future sassiness please!)

MSDeyle said...
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Taylor said...

Bahahahaha! She seriously cracks me up.

This Texas Momma said...

I love it. And the freckle nipple? Made me laugh enough to get some looks here at the office.

Lindsay said...

She's so awesome!! :)