Monday, January 23, 2012

Messy Mom Monday

Today I’m linking up with Brittany and Jess for Messy Mom Monday. They had the genius idea of doing a link up where we can all show off just what our houses really look like on a Monday morning. Because here’s the truth. Kids are messy. They make houses messy. And as moms, sometimes we forget that every other mom is in the same boat.

So here’s we go. I’m coming clean. Or, um, messy.

First up, we’ve got the blankets that are constantly strewn from the blanket box in an effort to make a bed for the babies. If you look closely, you may see one baby sleeping on the blankets. If I had of timed the picture better, you may have even been able to see a busy toddler having a rest in the blanket box, itself. Next, the kitchen counter. Oh, the counter. At any given time there are clean dishes waiting to be put away, piles of recyclables waiting to get carried to the garage and possibly dirty dishes waiting to be washed. Our dishwasher is broken right now, so the dirty dishes appear more regularly than often. And then, the “toy room”. Which should be more accurately described as the “toy corner”, which is located in the dining room. You might look at the photo and think it doesn’t look so bad but let me assure you, this is CLEAN. I took this photo at 8:30 a.m., before she had time to totally destroy everything. By 8:35 a.m.? Totally different story. And yes, Daddy’s lunch box is in the toy corner. Why? Who knows.

Messy Mom Monday

Moving on, we’ve got the Christmas decorations. Uh huh. That’s right. I put all of my Christmas stuff away on December 30th. Except, apparently, these two angels and a sleigh full of potpourri on the back of the toilet. And I didn’t even notice until earlier this week. And yes, they’re still out.

Messy Mom Monday2

And now. The dresser. Oh my goodness. The dresser. My dresser always used to be clean. And tidy. Without random books, bags, paperwork, lonely socks, pants that need to be hemmed, birthday cards and other random junk haphazardly tossed there, only to be forgotten and ignored for months. But, those days disappeared. Long ago. Right about the time when the spare room/office was transformed into a nursery, to be exact. Because now? There is just no where else to stash this stuff. No where. So there it sits. Forever.

Messy Mom Monday3

And finally, the piece du resistance: the pantry and fridge top. I have been ‘meaning’ to clean out and organize the pantry for weeks. You know. Good intentions. The good thing about using an iPhone to-do list app is how easy it is to send something on today’s to-do list to tomorrow’s to-do list. The bad thing about using an iPhone to-do list app is how easy it is to send something on today’s to-do list to tomorrow’s to-do list. The worst thing about using an iPhoe to-do list app is how easy it is to delete it all together, sit down on the couch and watch Friday Night Lights. So, basically, what I’m saying is, the next time this pantry gets cleaned out and organized will probably be when I’m packing up to move. As Brittany so kindly pointed out, that’s why pantry’s have doors!

Messy Mom Monday1

There, there. I know you’re all surprised. You thought I was perfect and my house was immaculate. I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Now go on, link up with your own dirty little secrets!


Gina said...

I knew I loved you.

SEL said...

Umm, I TOTALLY understand the iPhone app list thing. I'm guilty of pushing something to the next day.

And your dresser pictures made me feel better about mine. Not because yours is messy. But because mine looks the same. :)

Tamika said...

:) Love all these blogs that are linking up! Its so awesome to see we're NORMAL!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

I love all these! Makes me feel better about the mess I posted this morning!

And don't worry, I still have a random piece of holiday decor that got missed too! oops!

Amy E. said...

Ha ha! I love this post. It makes me feel like less of a wreck, although your house STILL looks better than mine!

Meagan said...

Can't wait to do this next week! Your pantry looks organized!

Brittany Ann said...

Can you come organize my pantry? Because I can never keep mine even close to that!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

For some reason I just SWORE your house was clean all the time and I may have always resented you a little for this (kidding). I love you even more though now.

SnoWhite said...

Love that week over week calendar!

Jess said...

Um, your pantry is kinda organized. Just sayin.

But the dresser thing? Yeah. Mine too. What is it with mom dressers?

Jen + Jeff said...

Awesome! I still have a random Christmas decoration up and Christmas towels in the linen closet. My dresser is a wreck. We also have a toy corner. I've been meaning to organize my pantry. Thanks for keeping it real. :)