Friday, October 14, 2011

It’s happening to me…

I’ve come to the realization that it’s happening. It is really and truly happening.

I am becoming my mother.

You see, my sweet Mama is notorious for .. hm, let’s see, how should I put this? She is notorious for lacking necessary observation skills while shopping for retail purchases including, but not limited to, food and drink, household supplies, and gifts.

She is the one to purchase pumpkin pie filling instead of straight up pumpkin, Windex instead of toilet bowl cleaner, or an extra extra extra large print bible for my sister who has excellent vision.

And I don’t say this to make fun or belittle my Mama. She’s not an unintelligent person. She just, you know, forgets to read the labels. It’s an innocent mistake. She is a busy woman. Often in a hurry and sometimes this means she accidentally grabs the wrong thing.

And, well. Apparently, so do I.

A few weeks ago, my mother and I visited the US to do some shopping. At Target, they had basic long sleeved T’s on for $10 a pop. A girl can never have too many long sleeved Ts so I tried on a few, figured out which size I needed (medium, for the record) and grabbed five. All the basics and a few for fun. Black, white, grey, black/grey stripe and teal. I got home, stuck them in my drawer to wait for cooler days to arrive and thought nothing of it. Until a few weeks later when I started to need long sleeves. I put the teal one on and realized it felt kind of snug. I took it off, looked at the tag. And? Extra Small. Remember, I needed medium? I dug the other four out and guess what? Of the five I purchased? ONLY TWO WERE THE CORRECT SIZE. I came home with an extra small, small, two mediums and a large. I don’t know if the size on the hangers didn’t match the size on the shirt or what. But regardless, I pulled a Mama.

Then last week, I did it again. I was out shopping and I found something that was perfect for my mom (huh, coincidental) for a Christmas gift. Something I knew she’d appreciate. I can’t tell you what it is since my mom reads this blog (Hi, Mom! Don’t hate me for making fun of you in this post. I love you. I really do)  and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But, I will tell you that it’s something really nice and it was significantly marked down. So much so that I decided I should get two. I grabbed them and off I went. Then, at the last minute, I decided I had changed my mind about the colour. I headed back to the section of the store and made the switch. Paid for them and away I went. That night when I got home I was showing Evan the sweet deal I had scored when I noticed, can you guess? When I switched the colour I got the wrong size. Which was clearly marked in pretty large letters on the item. Thankfully, I was able to do an exchange and ended up gaining $14 in the process (another story for another day…).

So here I am: admitting that it’s happening to me.

I’m becoming my Mama.

Which, really, isn’t such a bad thing at all aside from the occasional retail inconvenience.

The only difference between she and I? I noticed my mistake before I wrapped it up and gave it to her on Christmas morning. So, I guess I still have a little bit of my sanity left.


Elizabeth said...

LOL - I notice this everyday...I'm so becoming my mother. :)

Gina said...

My mom and I have a lot in common too but I don't think either one of us would admit it. Well, I guess I just did. Whatever. ;)

This Texas Momma said...

Ohhhhh, I do the same thing! The only difference- my momma is usually with me and is EXCELLENT at spotting such oversights. She saves me time and time again!