Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BIG words

One of the best parts of being a parent is watching your child learn new things. And for me? Witnessing Evalyn pick up new words and add to her vocabulary has been such a blast.

Over the weekend, we found out that she has figured out three very important words. Two are great. One … not so much.

On Friday night, Evalyn and I spent the evening at home together, just the two of us. Now that it gets dark earlier and the weather isn’t always spectacular our evenings are spent inside more often than not. And, as I’m sure most of you can relate, evening can sometimes be long. For me, the hour to hour and a half between dinner time and bedtime can sometimes be the longest portion of my day. To ease some of this, I’ve tried to incorporate a longer bedtime ritual, so that we have something to guide our time. Up until now, it’s always just been a quick bath, nurse and bedtime. Now, I’ve started implementing tooth brushing time, bible story time, song time, bath time, nursing and then bed. This makes the bedtime stuff take 30-40 minutes instead of 15.

It was getting to be that time of night and I sang a song about bible story time and led Evalyn into her room for the story. Sometimes she sits still on my lap while I read it and sometimes she doesn’t. This time? She didn’t.

She was playing around with her stuffed animals while I was reading but she was obviously listening to the story because when I got to a line that had the word “God” in it, she pointed her finger to the air and said “Gog”. Then, when we were done our story she said “mo bibo” (aka more bible).

This video was taken right after. I was so shocked that she knew to point up to heaven and say “Gog”. I know that they are working on this in Sunday school class, and I know she hears me sing songs and do actions but I’ve never really prompted her to do it.

Let me just say, it made my heart burst.

But, then, of course, on Sunday, she was quick to remind me that gaining new words and new understandings is not always so sweet and precious when she demonstrated her understanding of the “N” word.

Yes, that’s right, my sweet angel who asks for “mo bibo” and points to heaven saying “Gog” now has a fully established knowledge of the power of “No”.

We were at her auntie’s house on Sunday afternoon when I said, “Evalyn, come here so Mama can change your bum”. Girlfriend looked at me, said “No”, shook her head and walked away.

We heard her say “No no no” a number of other times throughout the day and ever since, she’s been walking around the house, going up to all of the things she knows she’s not allowed to touch and saying “No, no, no”.

I guess it was bound to happen someday.Welcome to the world of No.


Shannon Dew said...

OH my goodness, this just melts my heart! What a good little girl!

Mrs. I said...

So sweet! Lily just learned "No" while shaking her head too. ay yi yi!

Erin said...

Yay, Evalyn! On Sunday, Katherine started saying "ducky" and "airplane"...I'm just DREADING "no"!

SnoWhite said...

that is awesome!! It's amazing how God has written on all our hearts - and it's beautiful to see Him in her.

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

She is so precious! I love that you are already reading the Bible to her. How sweet!

Sarah said...

For a few weeks now, M has either been going up to things or pointing at things and saying, "no no no!" at the things we've said no to. At least our kids are understanding us, right? ;)

Crystal Seed said...

So adorable!!!!! And I'm not looking forward to the word NO! UGH...

Lucky in Love said...

This makes me so happy :)

Stephanie said...

That video was so cute. Her little voice is so sweet!

Hehe.. *candianaccent* hehe ;)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

this is seriously one of the sweetest videos i've ever seen. love it.

Brittany Ann said...

Dude, did I need to watch this video.

Ella is so off-schedule and so over-tired that she is hellish and has been all day. She would not let me put her down, whined and cried throughout the day, wouldn't nap, wouldn't nurse, wouldn't do anything. Then, she screamed from 7 to 11 pm when she finally fell asleep.

I'm so tired and so hungry and so over it and so feeling like Ella and I are never going to see eye-to-eye, and she's going to hate me for having a week like we've had and I'm going to resent the heck out of her because, well, I haven't eaten, showered or slept in 24+ hours thanks to her, and well....then I watched your video.

And Eva's so cute and so happy and so bright, and, well, it gave me hope.

Thanks you, dear friend:)