Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Calling All Christmas Fairies!

This is the part of Christmas that I don’t like.

The cleanup.

Ick. Blech.

I am currently sitting in my house staring at a pile of cardboard from boxes of toys that Evalyn for for Christmas, a billion piles of Christmas decorations waiting to be boxed up and put back into the storage room, a cupboard full of Christmas dishes that need to be swapped for our regular dishes, two piles of gifts that are looking for a home, and floors that are in desperate need of a good vacuum, swiffer and mop.

And yet, here I sit.

Looking at it all.


Wishing that it would clean itself up.

I was (not so) secretly hoping that if I gathered everything into tidy piles, the Dude would get the hint and box everything up and help it all find the way to it’s home. But, much to my chagrin, he got home from work last night feeling as though a truck ran over him, so I clearly could not bring myself to ask him to do it.

And now here we are, nearing the end of Eva’s first nap of the day and none of the piles have been touched.

Granted, I haven’t been entirely lazy this morning. I did make some phone calls, reorganize the baby’s armoire, make my bed, and sip away at a cafe mocha – but I have not even begun to tackle the daunting task of putting away.

I’m calling ALL Christmas Fairies to sweep in and put my house back in order.


Katie said...

haha. You're like me. I'd totally rather take pictures, put together a little collage, take the time to blog about it rather than do anything about it ;)

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

We've gotten rid of all the boxes and bags, but our decorations are still up.

I'm glad Evalyn got some good toys for Christmas. We didn't get Em any b/c Craig's parents (divorced) both said they'd gone overboard with gifts for her. Ya, not really.
Her best toy was a shape sorter thing from my parents. All of the other toys were little rattle and teething ones. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but she's already got tons of those and is already losing interest in them at this age.

Annie said...

i think it's the getting started that is the hard part. it's such an overwhelming task. i was dreading taking my stuff down but once i had my mind made up it all came down and the house got a deep cleaning while i was at it. AND it only took 6-8 hours...i was worn out after that ;)

abi & salvo said...

our house is iin that state too. My 3 month old has only one nap a day and generally my that time i'm so tired I join him and don't get anything done :( good luck with ur piles sure need some with mine

Kar said...

Give your self more credit girl :) Organizing a baby girl's armoire is hard work!!! And ughhh... you made your bed? lol

I washed a disposie dipe today- I have NO idea how it ended up in her laundry basket?! Maybe b/c her garbage can is right beside the laundry basket? but still- I'm almost positive it wasn't a poopy one :S After dealing with our mini flood, Putting away the decorations is on the bottom of the list once again.

Brooke said...

i straight up asked "will you take the tree down?" then hinted "it'd be nice if the tree would be down when i get back from my run" to no avail. finally got it down last night.

Anonymous said...

UUUG. I have so much to do. Love your cute header.

Gina said...

My tree is still up.

And all my decorations are too.

At this point, I might leave them up till next Christmas.