Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So Sue Me

You all know that when I was pregnant, the Dude and I made the decision to use cloth dipes. A few of you asked me if I’d write about how cloth diapering is going once I got into the swing of it.

And I promise I will.

But not today.

(Short version: CD’ing is going well and is easier than I expected it to be).

Today’s post is about cloth diapering, but from a little different standpoint.

When I started cloth diapering when Evalyn was 4 weeks old, I started doing daytime CD’ing only and said I’d give myself a few weeks and then figure out night time cloth diapering.

Since then, I have struggled to “find” a night time system that works for us. I have asked other cloth diapering Mamas for advice, I have used the cloth diapers we own a few nights, and I even borrowed a few different types of dipes from my favourite cloth diapering Mama.

And guess what?

They’ve been sitting in Eva’s room for over a week and I have yet to tried them.

So finally last night I was talking to the Dude and I came to realize and accept something:

The reason I haven’t found a night time system that works for us is because …


I kept saying I was trying to figure it out because I felt like I had to. If I was going to be a cloth diapering Mama, then of course, I MUST use cloth at night, right?


I realized there are no cloth diaper police who are going to come knocking on my door and put me in handcuffs, with a “BAD MOMMY” sign on my forehead because I use two disposies each night (FYI: nor would they come and do this if I used disposies all the time).

So, for now, I’m content with my choice to cloth diaper exclusively during the day and use disposables at night.

Maybe someday I’ll change my mind and I’ll transition into the world of night time cloth diapering. Perhaps when she stops pooping every.single.night and requiring (sometimes multiple) night time diaper changes.

Because, let’s face it, I’m stankin’ tired at night. And disposies are easy.

For now, what we’re doing works for me. And it works for Evalyn.

So there, I said it.

I’m a cloth diapering Mama who uses disposies at night.

So sue me.

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Meg said...

LOL Love it. Nothing more freeing than a "so sue me" momma moment.

Emily said...

Great post! Your doing what you think you should and that's all that matters.

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

Definitely don't feel bad. If Em hadn't of transitioned to pooping every couple of days (and during the day only) before I started CDing, she would still be in disposables at night as well.

Em's pooping schedule changed at around 11 weeks, I think.

If she only poops once at night could you maybe use a liner and then throw it out at 2 am feed but keep dipe on her w/ fresh stay dri liner?

This Texas Momma said...

Good for you! There will come a time when she stops pooping so much, you can reevaluate then. Until that point, sleep is more important! And FYI, there are LOTS of things the baby police won't come get you for. Like picking something up for dinner instead of cooking just because you don't want to. Or making them sit an extra 5 minutes in the bath until your show is over. Or telling them that touching the Christmas tree is VERY DANGEROUS and should be kept away from.

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

I won't sue you. ;) I think it's actually a great idea. If we CD with our next baby, I'd probably use disposables when we were out and about and not hanging at home. You gotta do what works for you. And girl...Eva is so darn cute! I love the picture you posted of her.

Brittany Ann said...

No judgment or guilt, girlfriend. I intend to cloth diaper, but I know, when we're out and about, he/she will be in disposables. Because I'm not walking around with poopy clothes in my purse all day, or worse yet, dragging them to a host house where I'll have to wash them or bring them back on a plane dirty. EW!

My motto? If I'm out for more than 1-2 hours, put'em in throwaways. EASIER.

Laura said...

As a fellow new cloth diapering mother I have to say that I appreciate this post! We started the transition when we ran out of newborn diapers and she started wearing size 1. This was at 3 weeks. At first I did about half cloth and half disposable during the day, but after 2 days of that I realized I was annoyed with the fact that I didn't have a full load of diapers to put in the laundry and I didn't want them just sitting there. We have these biodegradable liners you can put inside the cloth diaper which makes cleaning up poop easier, but I knew I wouldn't be buying them all the time so I wanted to get used to the real deal after a few days of using those too. I started exclusively cloth diapering EXCEPT for when we're going out and about for more than 1-2 hours.

I was going to say more, but this is already getting long. Have you seen the liners at all? I think I paid $8 for 100.

Either way, its your baby, you do what makes you sane! As long as the baby is happy and you are happy you're doing everything right! :)

Holly said...

No judgement here! With my oldest we signed up with a diaper service; within the first couple of days, the newborn poop was exploding out all over the place, and that was the end of my CDing career.

Lucky in Love said...

At least you can admit it :) Love you!

Jess said...

Exactly. As with all things parental, you made a decision about what's best for your family, and are comfortable with it. Good for you. If only all new mommas could be as comfortable with their own ideas. :)

Becks said...

Don't feel bad! I've used disposables at night with my eldest his whole life (he's almost 3 and has told me he never ever intends to potty train, btw). He peed through every cloth combo and disposable we tried except for Huggies. I'll choose a 'sposie over waking up in a puddle any time. Good for you for doing cloth when most people don't even try :)

Jaclyn_Rose said...

Good call! I delayed cloth diapering in general for awhile. And then when he stopped pooping at night and also I started noticing that his diaper would be nearly dry right in the morning and then get really wet all of the sudden, I knew he wasn't peeing much at night, so then I started cloth diapering at night. (i have no idea how old he was at that point though)

Karlala said...

What??? Just kidding!
I love this post and I seriously wish I had a little more 'mommy time' to read a bunch of your others that I missed along the way... That said.
I've been trying to think of a good name for the 'joy' disposies can bring to a CDing mama...
"Treat of the Week" (or day, or night) They are fantastic lil' treats!
I will fill you in on a few of my CD experiences this week with having a sick lil' Lu....
OHh-- your 'ticket' is in the mail :D