Friday, October 16, 2009

Curbing the Cravings

During undergrad, one course I took was called "The Psychology of Stress". Going into the course I thought it was going to be completely bogus but as it progressed, I found myself learning an awful lot. You see, I get stressed out easily. And often. The course allowed me to understand what is going on both psychologically and physiologically during those times. I'll admit I've forgotten pretty much every thing I learned in that class but one thing that has stuck with me was the section of the course that focused on stress leading to emotional eating.

I will be the first to tell you that I am an emotional eater. When I am stressed, the first thing I do is start eating crap. Well, not literally crap .. but well, you know what I mean. I get intense cravings for different types of foods at different times. I'm learning how to control and satisfy those cravings without overindulging. In the course I took, the professor gave us a list of alternative options for when you are getting an unhealthy craving. I remember some of them, but not all. Below are some of the ones I remember ...

Salty Cravings
Drink a large glass of water - salty cravings are often a result of dehydration
Eat a pickle instead of potato chips

Sweet Cravings
Eat fruit with natural sugars such as apples, pears, berries

Ice Cream Cravings
Eat a frozen banana
Low-fat frozen yogurt

Chocolate Cravings
Eat one piece of dark, pure chocolate

I remember him also talking about different things to eat if you are craving fast food but I can't remember what they were. I should remember, though, since Fast Food is high on my craving list.

Do you have any healthier options that help you get rid of cravings?


very married said...

you know, i read somewhere that the sweet craving was actually a protein craving... don't quote me on that though!

Jessica said...

When I'm trying to really watch what I'm eating I usually keep a couple different flavors of gum with me. That way if I want sweet I have a sweet flavor or just a mint flavor if I'm bored and just want to munch.

That may not be exactly what you are talking about but this is pretty much the only trick I have haha.

Gwen said...

Great tips!!! You know what I do when I'm craving ice cream? I get the Edy's Fruit Bars. I love the coconut ones but I can only stand them every once in a while. Have a great weekend!!! XOXO

Country Dreaming said...

Cravings are one of the mysteries I think we deal with a lot as women. Just because WE ARE emotional eaters sometimes.
Water somtimes helps me anddepending on the intensity of the craving I try to ingnore it or have a small portion just to get it out of my system. It's like everthing else--moderation, moderation, moderation. They are tough those cravings!!


Brittany Ann said...

I am an emotional eater, too. Sometimes, I freeze fruit and serve it with yogurt if I want a sundae or something.

Jen said...

What do you do when all of those healthy alternatives are the things you crave?

I'm not a stress eater though. I'm a boredom eater, so I just have to make sure food isn't within my reach when I'm sitting and doing something. I would always lose weight during exams b/c I just wasn't hungry for anything and I was selectively focussed on the exams.

Tereasa said...

I know a great way to get rid of cravings, as well as stress. It involves giving into someone else's craving, if you know what I mean.