Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be careful what you wish for...

Remember yesterday, when I was complaining that nothing exciting had been happening in my life, so I had nothing to blog about?

Well, within an hour of writing that post I had managed to set my kitchen on fire and get my face sneezed on.

I was in a rush to get supper made so I could get back to marking exams. I had the veggies and chicken sauteing on one side of the stove and the water boiling for my pasta on the other side. Once the water boiled, I took this tall plastic canister that I store my pasta in and went to pour the fettuccine into the pot.

I missed.

About 1/4 of my pasta landed beside the pot ... mostly on the part of the burner that was exposed. It started shriveling up and smoking and in about 10 seconds, I had flames shooting up all over the stove. Apparently the best thing to do to the solve the problem is repeatedly hit the burner with a wooden spoon. Umm, because that's what I did. Over and over again. Eventually, I was resigned to just wait - and keep hitting the burner with a wooden spoon, of course - until all the pasta noodles had been burnt to smithereens and the flames died down. I was left with some toasty noodles, a blaring smoke detector and a stinky kitchen. At least the final product, after the fire was all taken care of, was delicious.

Then, a few minutes later, the FD came inside to mix up some spices for the venison sausage that he and his buddies were making. Because, well, what else would three Canadian hunting boys do on a Wednesday evening? He was mixing up his concoction while I was putting dishes away. I guess the spices started working their magic and gave the FD a little tickle in his nose. Apparently, he had very little warning and did not have time to cover his mouth so he just turned his face away from the counter, closed his eyes and Achooed ... at the very same moment that I walked over to the counter to put a baking dish away beside where he was working.

My face was 2 inches from his snot filled sneeze.

No joke. I cried.

So, be careful what you wish for.

As Nicole so eloquently put it in her comment on yesterday's post: "Life will no doubt knock you on your butt before long."

How true, how true.


Taryn said...

haha- poor Lucy Marie. I am with you- hitting the stove repeatedly is definitely the best option. Good call.

Sorry about the snot. I would have cried too.

Stephanie said...

WOW that is an eventful night! And gross about the snot! I probably would have gone nuts. I just started following your blog like it so far :D feel free to check mine out I have one following my working out and weight loss journey and then my regular everyday blog. The links are on my profile :)

Emily said...

Lol, sorry about your mishap in the kitchen! Definitely blogworthy excitement though!

Meg said... Yeah, you should definitely be more careful what you wish for. I was thinking the same thing along with your post yesterday so I should be more careful too. If something bad comes my way I'll be knocking on your door. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Julia Child caught her kitchen on fire a time or two. :)

And I just hope and pray there was no swine flu germs in the snot-sneeze! I'd be freaking out too!

Jody said...

OK I totally laughed at your hitting the fire with a wooden spoon. Sorry LOL

SnoWhite said...

You have made me laugh again this week :)

Sorry about yesterday's "fun" events... but glad everyone is "okay"!

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Oh goodness gracious! I'm sorry for your awful luck, but once again, the FD's antics never cease to amuse me. ;)

P.S. I had to stop reading and wipe my tears when you said you were putting the fire out with a wooden spoon. ;)

Here's to a less snotty day today.


Holly said...

You're a hoot!
Guess what, once you have kids you will think nothing of snot anywhere on you, catching vomit in your hand, explosive poop noises during get the idea.
Fun times, my friend, fun times.

New England Girl said...

Oh my goodness! I guess you really do have to be careful of what you wish for! I hope you have a less eventful day today. And, goodness, I hope there are no more sneezing accidents! Yuck.

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

you poor thing. omg. thank goodness you were ok. i am in shock. ok, no more wishing for you!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Glad I could help!! :)

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Ok I'm not going to complain that my life has been very calm lately either!

Did FD feel horrible for sneezing in your face or did he laugh? Adam would have laughed lol. I would have cried too!

Brittany Ann said...

Holy bananas! That's madness! Although, I feel like I've been there...just when you least expect it.

I'm glad your pretty face is un-burned, though:)

Llama said...

ohhh no sweetie! im glad everything is ok...that is one crazy story!!

Brooke said...

yikes! hopefully you got the fire mess cleaned up pretty quickly. my stove is still dirty from my oven fire last christmas. :P

Lucky in Love said...

Ha! I can't believe he sneezed right in your face!! Oh I would've been so grossed out! I think I accidentally coughed on Matt before...but no sneeze :)

Annie said...

i was thinking about you last night!! and your kitchen disaster!! i was hoping you were okay and that your kitchen was too!! you had quite the night ;)
sorry to hear that your man practically snotted all over you! HOW ICKY!!!

i hope you have a great weekend sweet girly!! xo

Jill said...

awwww! we have a fire extinguisher under our sink (apartment living) so i probably would've just destroyed every surface of my kitchen with that.

how scary!!