Friday, August 14, 2009

One Lovely Day

On Wednesday, the fabulous dude and I were blessed to spend the entire day together celebrating.

The day started out early when I woke up and found myself too excited to get back to sleep. It was like Christmas! I kept pestering and pestering him for about an hour until he finally woke up enough to open our presents. I did take some pictures but there is no way I am actually going to show you pictures of myself taken at 7:30 am! I got him a turkey vest for hunting that he already had. What can I say, when I went to Walmart there were only two camo things and I picked one. How could I have known he already had it? It all looks the same to me.

He did better on the gift front than I did. He got me a silicone cookie sheet and muffin pan and a really cute necklace I have had my eye on for a while. Does my man know me or what? Baking and jewelry all at once - bliss.

After opening presents, the dummy my fabulous dude fell back asleep and it took me ages to drag him out of bed. Finally, he got up and we were ready to head out for a day at the Toronto Zoo. It's been a billion years since I've been there and he had never been there that he could remember so we were quite excited to go.

It was one of the hottest and sunniest days we've had all summer. Nice for us but not so nice for the animals. They were super docile and weren't moving around a lot but we still saw everything.

We paid the extra cost to see the "Sharks" at Stingray Bay exhibit. FYI: If you are going there, it is NOT worth it. There are only four sharks that are about 3 feet and they were all huddled in the middle of the pool where you couldn't even see them. It was cool to touch the stingray but not worth the extra $3/person.

I loved the Polar Bears! They were so huge and I loved how they were just hanging out on that little slope. Right after I took this picture, the bear on the right started floating around, riding the current from the jet. It was cool.

Can you believe that I actually took this picture?

AND this one...

Those two photos will haunt my dreams forever. This lovely waterfall makes it all better.

This picture doesn't show it so well but this monkey was hanging there in quite the attractive position. Arms and legs straight above his head with his bum bum hanging out for the world to see. What a little monkey!

Part way through the day we stopped to have some lunch by the camels.

We were joined by this guy...

Then after lunch we had a Beavertail (possibly known as an Elephant Ear by my friends to the south). I have not had a Beavertail since my trip to Ottawa in grade 9. I knew they had them at the zoo and after dreaming about them for years and years and years, I decided to make that dream a reality. I will admit, I suggested going to the zoo for our anniversary solely because I wanted a Chocolate Hazelnut Beavertail. It's a deep fried whole wheat pastry. Something just doesn't add up there. Please excuse the completely sweat drenched version of moi.

Here are some more shots from the day:

I wish this picture came out more clearly because it was so cool. The baby baboon was such a little character. He kept sneaking up on the daddy baboon and poking him in the back. Finally, the daddy snuck his hand out behind him and flipped the baby up into the air. Then the baby ran over to the mommy who was laying right beside the glass and started nursing. It was such a neat thing to see. The mommy just lifted her arm up as though to say "do what you want, just don't disturb me". They were so cute!

After the zoo, we headed to Bass Pro so that the FD could pick out something that he did not already have. Then we headed to Turtle Jack's for dinner. I'm not even going to tell you what I ate but let me just say that all the calories I burnt off while walking around the zoo and eating whole wheat pastries were put right back on! I don't have any pictures from dinner because I left the camera in the car and the FD refused to go get it. Blame him.

It may be a stretch, but I am sharing this post at Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life "Favourite Vacation Spot" edition because my favourite vacation spot is anywhere if it means a whole day off with my hubby, celebrating our anniversary and enjoying fun times and good food!

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Kristin said...

That looked like such a fun day!

Gwen said...

What a fabulous day!!! I love getting to spend an entire day as a "date". XOXO

Lucky in Love said...

What a fantastic day! I would've been freaked at lunch if that THING came up to me!! Eek!

And can you please send me one of those Beavertails? Elephant Ears are my absolute favorite thing in the world...but they are NOT flavored...and I must have one! Thanks :)

Kristen said...

oh y'all are so cute!! It looks like you had an awesome day! I want to go to the zoo!

Heather said...

So fun, I love the zoo!!

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Aw! It looks like you guys had a fantastic day! Beaver tail is not a term that I have heard. Elephant ear on the other hand, that will get me every time. ;)
I schedule our trips around IKEA, so I certaintly would never fault you for scheduling a trip around somthing that yummy! Tee hee.
Jason and I didn't see each other a whole lot. He had to work but we celebrated in the morning by huddling in the corner of the kitchen where the kids couldn't see us and we ate ridiculously good chocolate dome dessert. Does that make us bad parents?! ;)


P.S. I love the polar bear photo and the rhino is amazing! It almost doesn't look real. Super cool!

Brittany Ann said...

So fun! Glad you all had a good time together! Good for marriage, isn't it?

Brooke said...

how fun! and lol @ you getting him something he already had! :P

my hubs got me heroes seasons 2 on dvd for Christmas...then again for my birthday (6 months later).

Shaina said...

What a great day! And can I just say...I know what a beavertail is! I hail from the great land of Michigan, just across the Detroit River from Canada. Y'all are practically the next state over. I really don't even consider Canada a different country. Ha! :)

New England Girl said...

It looks like you two had a fantastic day! I'm so happy for you. :)

SnoWhite said...

Love that he got you baking supplies :) Awesome!

The polar bears are my favorite part of the zoo (although, I haven't yet been to Toronto)!

By the way, when I asked Frog Prince what his favorite vacation spot was... he said -- any place with you! So, I think you're completely justified in your post ;)

Taryn said...

You are so cute! Chris and I went to the zoo on one of our first dates. You guys got some great pictures.

I made plum jam a few years ago and it was really really good. Do you eat jam? For some reason I think you don't.

Lyr said...

I LOVE THE ZOO!!! We did that for Mothers day this year!! SO fun!

Cristina said...

I love the Toronto Zoo! I havent been in a few years looked like you had so much fun :)

Holly said...

If I remember correctly, a trip to the TO zoo was our 'reward' for Work-a-Thon. That's where the memory ends though; I remember nothing about the actual day. Except the bus ride.

Jen said...

That's awesome!
We went to the Zoo on Saturday for our anniversary weekend in Toronto. Craig couldn't take any extended time off in June, and so while he has some block leave this month, I took the 13th to the 18th off, and we stayed in Toronto for 2 nights. We got the CityPass, so we went to Casa Loma, the Science Centre, CN Tower, ROM, and the Zoo. It was fun, but exhausting in this heat! (especially the walk to and from the Canadian section and the sleepy grizzly bear!)

I'm glad you had a good time!