Saturday, June 13, 2009

The View From Here

I thought I would share some photos from the garden to let you see how it is progressing. There is nothing quite like the beauty in the growth of plants, trees and flowers to demonstrate the wonders of God's creation. The work of His hands is so evident!

The cherry trees are getting ready for the harvest. Within 2-3 weeks they should be ready and we will be devouring sweet cherries like they're going out of style!

The Strawberry Patch is also well on it's way. Hopefully they will be ready soon. I have a feeling they may be a little late this year, but not too much. The patch isn't as full as it was last year, but hopefully we'll still have enough to enjoy some fresh and to make some jam. By the way, the cherry trees and strawberry patch do not belong to us. We rent a basement apartment and the family who lives above us owns the orchard and the strawberry patch, but we get to enjoy the benefits of gracious landlords!

Our garden is also progressing quite nicely. Most of the plants have started popping up but we're still waiting on the carrots, onions and lettuce. I am really hoping that they come up soon. As you'll see in the pictures, when the veggies pop up so do the weeds! I spent some time out there this afternoon and am planning to spend more time tomorrow cleaning things up a bit.

Purple BeansCelery
Sweet Peas
There are buds on many of the pepper plants
The Squash and Zucchini are growing really well.
This year we planted way more than last year so things are going to be busy when everything is ready. We've got roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes, red, green, yellow and hot peppers, okra, purple beans, celery, onions, turnip, lettuce, carrots, beets, peas, zucchini, yellow summer squash, acorn squash, butternut squash and cucumber. Whew! I am so looking forward to having fresh produce and being able to preserve everything for the winter! And, remember last year, when I told you that I am not so good at the whole gardening thing? This year I am really really really making an effort to do better. I actually started weeding the garden today, and the fabulous dude isn't even home to remind me. Impressive, huh?


C said...

I'm SO envious of your green thumb. I currently have one very dead plant on my patio..

Taryn said...

Nice- I am jealous of your garden. It is awesome. You are going to have quite the harvest!

Elizabeth said...

Ooooh, you make me hope we can get our own home someday soon so I can plant a garden!! I wanted to start here in our rental but I don't even know for sure that we're finishing the summer in this house.

BTW, I'm coming over for cherries ;)