Monday, June 29, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Last week, I rediscovered the importance of flexibility. After planning the menu, we ended up completely rearranging our week. Here's what happened, on Sunday afternoon I made Calzones for the fabulous dude to have in his lunch for the week. I then found out that on Monday and Tuesday he was going to be at Staff BBQ's, on Wednesday a fund raising event where lunch is provided and Friday he's off. So, he only needs lunch on Thursday. And into the freezer the calzones went for another week.

On Monday, I put the chili in the crockpot in the morning. When the hubby got home we decided to go strawberry picking and then do some work in the garden and go for a bike ride. By the time all that was done, we were way too hot to eat chili. So, instead we ate sliced tomatoes, cucumber and fresh fruit. Into the freezer the chili went.

On Tuesday, I found out we would be having an extra guest for dinner. I had planned to have roasted chicken breasts but changed that to grilled chicken breasts because of the heat. I also planned to cook a little extra to have enough leftover for a meal on Thursday night. I didn't have enough chicken to feed an extra and have enough for the soup so I decided to serve grilled sausage on a bun with grilled potatoes.

Wednesday the fabulous dude was at his fundraising event and then met me at our friend's daughters birthday party. I had supper with them and he joined us for cake and ice cream.

Thursday's plan was to be chicken and corn chowder. However, because of the lack of chicken from Tuesday night, I decided not to cook chicken specifically for this purpose. So, sliced veggies, fresh fruit and leftover sausage it was.

Friday we left and headed up north for my family reunion. We had dinner with my brother and SIL at their place on the way.

As you can see, the master plan got completely rearranged but that's okay, that's what life is about!

I did end up doing a lot of baking for our trip including...

and my poor lonely Banana Bread that did not get it's picture taken.

This week is very boring since I am away most of it...

Sunday - away

Monday - away

Tuesday - away

Wednesday - might still be away but if we're home we'll eat chili if it's not too hot, or else just a quick sandwich

Thursday - grilled chicken, corn, rice, salad

Friday - chicken and corn chowder**

Saturday - Leftovers and/or grilled cheese sandwiches

By the way, I have prewritten this post as I am away so if someone would please be so kind as to link me up on Organizing Junkie's Linky I would be very happy.

Head over here to find more menu plans!

**recipes to come on Lucy's Kitchen


Snow White said...

what a week! hope you're enjoying your rest :)

Jenny.Lee said...

All those baked goods look sooo yummy.

Meg said...

Sounds like a busy week! We do that a lot... I try to keep to a schedule but sometimes it just isn't possible! :D

outdoorgriller said...

That food sounds good. I look forward every year to grilling season and I have a collection of tips and recipes for grilling and if you would like to see them you can visit

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Oh....those baked goods look fabulous! My husband is a blueberry muffin lover. :D