Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My 25 Things...

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For those of you who use facebook, I'm sure you've all seen the "Random 25 Lists" going around. Well, my dear Katie decided to carry the trend over to her blog. I thought I might as well join her since I was so bummed out about not getting to share 100 things about me on my 100th post! I figure I might as well make you read 25.

So, here are all my secrets...

1. I peed and pooped my pants a lot as a child for numerous reasons, including – but not limited to – being too shy to ask for help with suspenders, being victimized by my older brother who wouldn’t help me with my belt, being sick and pooping while throwing up and being scared poopless (literally) on an amusement park ride.

2. Before I ever met my fabulous dude my uncle Dave told me that he knew I was going to marry him. He introduced me to him when I was 8 years old (I guess our fate was sealed).

3. I have been horseback riding once – the night FD proposed to me. I forgot to say yes.

4. I pierced my own belly button, with an apple and ice cube and a sewing needle in November of grade 7 at a bowling alley. I never told my parents. I took the ring out in June when I had to start wearing a bathing suit so they wouldn’t know (sorry, Mom).

5. When I was in Grade 1, my mom forgot to come to a Parent Appreciation Ceremony where she would receive a rose. I was crushed for life (you still owe me, Mom).

6. I take it very seriously when people are rude to me. Even if I will never see the person again, I stew over it and wonder what I did to make them be so mean.

7. In grade 2, during story time, my classmates could see my underwear (white with red hearts on it) over my pants. They all teased me and I cried the whole way home. I never wore those undies again.

8. I always put the toilet seat down before I get in the shower. I’m afraid I’ll slip and fall in or drop my towel in when I get out.

9. I have a few (read: a whole lotta) obsessive compulsive tendencies.

10. I love lists. I love writing them, rewriting them, crossing things off of them. Everything about them, I love. (See above.)

11. When I was young, I killed our gerbils by feeding them bubble gum and ice cream. I think maybe one froze to death and the other one’s stomach blew up?

12. One of my life goals is to complete a PhD … someday, not now.

13. I can’t wait to be a mom – I have prayed for my babies since I was a little girl and I can’t wait to meet them, whenever that may be.

14. I love to cook and bake more than anything in the world and sometimes can’t stop. I have recently started baking all of our own bread products.

15. Caffeinated coffee makes me feel bad. Really, really bad. I drink it anyway. Fast food also makes me feel bad. Really, really bad. I eat it anyway.

16. I am a nerd – I might be the only person I know who applied to grad school simply because I think school is fun and I wasn’t ready to be done with post secondary education.

17. I love to be tickled (arms, feet, back, hair) and this gets on the nerves of everyone around me. I recently hired my sister-in-law at $10.00/hour to scratch my back.

18. I’m frugal but not cheap (I don’t cut my own hair – that’s cheap. Have you seen that commercial? Love it!).

19. I bite my nails.

20. I shocked everyone and got my nose pierced on my honeymoon.

21. I learned how to drive standard this past summer. I was terrified to try it when we bought my new car but now I love it and being able to drive standard makes me feel empowered!

22. I am always in my PJs when I am at home. Literally, always.

23. I smoked my first cigarette when I was 11 (sorry, again, Mom!) I smoked my last cigarette when I was 12.

24. I make my bed every single day.

25. I have nightmares about snakes fairly regularly.

There you have it - all my deepest darkest secrets. Now, I'd love to hear 25 things about you!!


Taryn said...

16 = me. But I am so over grad school at the moment. so over it.

wow- you do have lots of secrets! = )

Tricia's Tellings said...

i totally do #8!!! i'm terrified to drop my towel in...i mean that's just gross!!

The Northerner said...

I love your list. You are so funny!

p.s. I feel empowered because I can drive standard too. And I'm OCD.

Lady Tierney said...

Great list, but sadly now you don't have any more secrets or you had a whole lot of secrets to start with! :)