Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"I Wonder" Wednesday

I wonder why putting away Christmas decorations in January doesn't elicit the same excitement in me that getting them out in November does?

Yesterday I took the decorations off the tree. Seriously, nothing is worse than staring at a bare naked tree in your dining room. When the hubs got home from work he carried it outside, leaving a lovely mess of pine needles in its wake, reminding me once again that my holidays are over.

Tonight, we tackled the rest of the decorations. Out came the Rubbermaid bins and in went the cute little Santas, Snowmen and Christmas trees. Goodbye for another year. Now my house feels cold and empty with bare walls and a whole lot of what seems like boringness to me right now. Even though I brought back out the everyday decorations I had put away over the holidays that make this house our home on the other 330 days of the year, there is something about my Christmas decorations that make it feel so warm and cozy. So, now I feel all blah about my house and am craving some new decorating ideas. I've got a few things in mind so I will keep you posted if I end up coming up with any creative ingenuity.

Sorry this wasn't a very happy post ... on a happier note, my brother taught me how to make a slideshow with my flickr photos, so there are pictures from our Christmas posted on yesterday's post.


Tereasa said...

I'm sorry. I like taking down the Christmas tree. I do it by myself and have a big cleaning spree the same day, along with rockin' music for the mood. Plus, I leave my snowmen out for another month.

Maybe you should follow Sue's example and have a new theme for every month. My family would love it if I did that. Personally, I really like my cowboys!

BTW, I have a post today that would go along with your Thrifty Thursday theme. You may link it if you like.

Holly said...

Christmas letdown. Happens every year. No more cheery Christmas music and sparkly decorations. Just a long, dreary winter ahead. Yep, I get it too.

Sara said...

I completely know what you are saying! I have been working on "reining" myself in so I don't have such a let-down. I would decorate OUTside, front and back. EveryROOM had Christmas cheer. Now the bathrooms get a Holiday towel and only the manger scene goes outside. A trick I do also, I save all my SNOWmen things for January, all the red, santa Christmas things get put alway but then I bring out the "Winter" box. It totally helps...course it IS more work, but at least I'm not sad anymore.