Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thrifty Thursday - Wash Less, Save More

After yesterday's "I Wonder Wednesday" post where I wondered about how it is possible for my fabulous dude and I to generate so much laundry I determined that the answer is it shouldn't be. Two people should not end up with that many loads of laundry per week (I'm not even telling you how many loads we do per week ... I'm too embarrassed). Because of my fabulous dude's line of work (manual labour), I think we probably can be expected to have more laundry than the average couple because I rarely see a day when he does not come home entirely filthy. But, honestly, to have that much laundry? That's just ridiculous.

So, this week for Thrifty Thursday I have decided to make a conscious effort to wash fewer clothes. Every morning when I wake up (LONNGGGGGG after my fabulous dude has left for work) I'm greeted by a pile of yesterday's clothes on the floor. This is just a habit we've developed. We both drop our stuff on the floor every evening and I pick it all up and usually (cringe) just throw them into the laundry hamper without even thinking in the morning. Note: I am not trying to bash my hubby here by saying that he doesn't pick up his own dirty socks. He doesn't. But I don't care. There are some things I avoid doing - like taking the garbage and recycle out no matter how overflowing it is - and some things he doesn't do - like pick up the clothes no matter how large the pile is.

Anyway, lately I have started to wonder how many unnecessary items I am laundering each week. So, now when I pick up the clothes in the morning I am trying to take a look at each item and see if it really needs washing. Granted, his shirts and pants usually need washing after each wear but surely mine don't. I think when I pick them up I am too lazy to fold them up and put them away, it's much easier to toss them in the hamper. Although, what's the difference? If I toss them in the hamper, I have more clothes to fold once they're washed. So, it must even out.

Cutting back on the laundry will save time and money. Less clothes being washed = less water and less detergent and less time that I have to spend doing laundry. Also, it should increase the longevity of our clothes because too much washing dulls colours and wears fabrics.

And what's more, I am also attempting this same type of cut back with dishes. I am a neat freak (okay, I have admitted it) so it drives me nuts to see dirty dishes on the counter. That being said, as soon as there is a dish on the counter, I put it in the dishwasher. But, is this really necessary? If I have a glass of water in the morning do I really need to put it in the dishwasher right away? I really shouldn't end up using three or four glasses every day, should I? So, I am attempting this as well. I won't put dishes that can be used again in the dishwasher until the end of the day. By the way, I'm not condoning unsanitary practices here ("I've only used this plate for five days in a row, I'm sure it will be good for one more!") but I do think that there are some things that can be used more than once.

I challenge you to make a conscious decision each time you throw something in the laundry hamper or dishwasher if this is a habit you have like me. Happy Thrifty Thursday!

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Holly said...

Do it now while you can, girl! Children do not subscribe to this method. Though, if you start teaching them to do it when they are toddlers, maybe. It's worth a shot, because kids like to change their clothes several times a day and strongly dislike folding said practically unworn clothing and putting it away. Into the hamper it goes!